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what is your rv sales process

What Is Your RV Sales Process

If you don’t train your RV sales team then what is your RV sales process?

Just as your favorite, NBA, NFL, and MLB team have a training process, so should your RV dealership.

Your RV sales process is going to be the catalyst that makes you fall short of your sales goals or helps your exceed them.

The better our RV sales people are trained the better they are going to handle are customers.

They will provide better experiences, and leave your customers happy.

Get A Better RV Sales Process With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

An untrained RV sales person will do the exact opposite, and if your RV sales team can’t handle the “tough to close” RV customer then your dealership is in trouble.

If you’re going to spend your hard earned money and marketing budget to generate leads for your sales team then you need to train your sales team on how to close more sales.

The way to do it?

Train your RV sales team with an efficient and proven RV sales process.

If you don’t have a RV sales process then I would suggest using our online Sell More Live More RV Sales Training program we provide at IMR.

Get A RV Sales Process That Helps You Close More Deals With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Your sales process is going to be the reason your sales team makes $50,000 per sale person or $100,000 which is a win-win for everyone.

Without a RV sales process your sales team will be wasting time with your customers.

They won’t be interviewing and qualifying properly, which in turn means they will show your customers the wrong RVs.

When your sales team shows the wrong RVs, don’t know how to close, and have no process to follow, they will be inefficient.

One deal will take 8 hours, while another will take 16 hours, all while you want them to get a deal done in 2 hours.

Get More Efficient In Your RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Efficient processes come from daily training, and if your sales team isn’t training then get them on the Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program.

I personally used the Sell More Live More RV Sales Process to make $100,000+ in RV sales annually and so can you or your sales team.

When you have a sales team of closers, your sales goals will get smashed month after month.

When you have a sales team that is inefficient and untrained then you will be wasting your dealerships time, money, and marketing budget.

Which one sounds better?

Smashing your monthly sales goals month over month or wasting your time, money and marketing budget?

If I had to guess I am sure you choose smashing your sales goals so start training your RV sales team daily and watch how many more RVs they sell!

Start Exceeding Your RV Sales Goals With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

introducing yourself in rv sales

Introducing Yourself In RV Sales

Introducing yourself in RV sales is a big deal.

Your customers are judging you from the very second they see you and if you mess up the introduction, it is hard to sell a RV.

When introducing yourself in RV sales, there are two things you must do.

  1. Explain your buying process
  2. Set your intentions early

These two things are crucial for your RV sales introduction because it lowers your customers defenses.

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The truth is, customers don’t always enjoy sales people.

Some salespeople waste time, push customers into the wrong RVs and don’t help them make good decisions.

I am sure you can understand why some customers don’t like salespeople so we have to be different.

We have to show our customers that we’re not like those other salespeople and that we are here to take care of their needs.

The way to do this, explain your buying process and set your intentions early so your customers have no surprises.

Dial In Your RV Sales Process With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

To explain your buying process this is how it should go:

Sales – “Welcome to XYZ dealership, how can I help you?”

Customer – “We came in to look at some RVs so we can find the floor plan we like, can we go out to the lot and start looking?”

Sales – “Ok great, we have a lot of great floor plans so I am sure we can find you the perfect RV but let me ask you this, have you ever bought from our RV dealership before?”

Customer – “No, we’re just starting to look and saw you had a lot of inventory so we wanted to come walk around your lot and look at floor plans.”

Sales – “Ok great. The way we do business at XYZ dealership is first, we sit down and ask you questions. This way we can learn about what, when, where, why and how you will be using your new RV. Once I understand your exact needs, I will look at my inventory and make sure we have a RV that will accommodate you. If we do, we will go out to the lot and take a look at 1-3 RVs that fit your needs. Next we will come back inside and I will show you the numbers and give you a ball park monthly payment so you will have all the information you need to buy a RV from us. If we have the perfect RV at the right price, then you will buy it. If we don’t have the perfect RV here today, then we will keep looking till we find a RV that is right for you. Does that sound fair enough?”

Customer – “Yes, that sounds fair.”

Sales – “Ok great. Follow me (walk to office and sit down).”

Develop Your RV Sales Skills With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

As you can see, in this introduction I did two things.

I explained the dealerships buying process, and I set my intentions early by saying, ” If we have the perfect RV for you at the right price, then you will buy it. If we don’t have the perfect RV here today, then we will keep looking till we find the RV that is right for you, and you will buy that one. Does that sound fair enough?”

This way the customer understands what process they will go through and that they will buy a RV from you today or when you find them the perfect RV.

An introduction like this will set up your whole sales process, so make sure you have a strong introduction!

Train Your RV Salespeople To Exceed Their Sales Goals With Sell More Live More Sales Training

Woman telling a story to another woman

Why Every Sales Person Should Be A Storyteller

Human beings have been passing down information through stories since the beginning of time. Today is no different. As humans, we love stories. We love hearing them. Being a part of them. And even telling them. So how does this relate to selling? Well, the truth is, that each good salesperson should be able to tell a story. This article explains why every salesperson should be a storyteller.

The book, “The Storyteller’s Secret: From TED Speakers to Business Legends, Why Some Ideas Catch On and Others Don’t”, explains how people like Survivor series founder, Mark Burnett and even Apple’s own Steve Jobs were made extremely successful through the art of storytelling. Their pitches painted a picture for others to see. Background, trust, and an emotional connection were built on the stories of these top salespeople.

This is something that sometimes lacks in the sales industry. Salespeople forget that people buy things from people they like. They also buy things from people that can paint a story for them that connects to their wants, needs, expectations, and dreams.

Stories of the Future Possibilities

In our online training, six-figure salesperson Chris Paulino talks about closing deals with hypothetical stories painted for the client base. These stories allow the salesperson to connect the customer to the possibilities that the new purchase would give them. Stories also play on the imagination of the consumer and allow them to visualize the picture that the salesperson is trying to paint.

You can also tell stories that explain how your product can help save people from future problems. This will motivate customers to purchase

Stories of Past Successes

Think about the power of a testimonial builds for your business. It’s a story of how your product or service helped solve a problem for the client which usually leaves customers trusting your brand. Amazon and Yelp have built their businesses on these stories from consumers so why should your business be any different?

Like I mentioned above, these stories can be about past customers that you saved from issues. True and authentic stories can build brand and trust with the customer even if they never ever meet the other characters involved. Most likely, they will believe you and trust you even more after one of these narratives.

Stories of Education

Several people learn through stories. Think about how children’s books are set up. Each story teaches some type of lesson through the characters allowing kids to grasp the subject. Adults are no different. They learn from stories. With that being said, salespeople can work storytelling into pitches to teach a certain concept to their audience.

You can teach them about features, product benefits, or other value propositions through your use of these educational stories. This is why every salesperson should be a storyteller.

Whether it’s a pitch, product, or service that you’re trying to sell, stories will make all the difference. So what drives your stories? Share in the comments below!

the best way to close a rv sale

The Best Way To Close An RV Sale

The best way to close a RV sale is not to beat your customer over the head with rebuttal after rebuttal.

It might work in the auto industry, but when it comes to RV sales, it won’t get the job done.

The truth is, RV customers are looking at a RV for emotional reasons.

They aren’t looking at a RV for the newest LED awning lights, or the top of the line leveling system.

Start Closing More RV Sales When You Train With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

Your customers are looking at a RV because they want to create memories with their family and friends.

They are looking at RVs because their current problems aren’t being solved.

Maybe they are camping in a tent and hate sleeping on the ground.

Or maybe, their family is growing and they need more beds.

On the other hand, maybe their family is getting older and now they’re looking at couples RVs.

Maybe your customer has had a pull behind for the last 10 years and now wants to start traveling in a motorhome.

There are a million reasons or problems your customers are looking to fix with your RV, but 1 truth remains the same.

Your customers are buying a RV because they want to fulfill their true desires; traveling, camping, and creating memories with their family and friends.

This is the best way to close a RV sale.

Use The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program And Start Learning Your Customers True Needs And Wants

All too often RV salespeople get caught in pitching things to their customers like the outdoor kitchen, LED lights, beds, and other features of the RV.

What sales people don’t do is get context and ask questions on why their customers are looking at RVs.

What problems they’re currently having at the campground with their current option.

They never ask where they plan to travel and what they want to do in their RV or even how many people will be on these RV trips.

They don’t learn what their customers deepest desires are or what big problem buying a RV will solve for their customer.

Most sales people simply pitch feature after feature till their customers leave, and yet they’re still curious why their customers are “lookers” for 5 years running.

If you want to start closing more RV sales, start learning what makes your customers tick.

Learn What Makes Your Customers Tick With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

Learn what they will be using their RV for, and how they will be using it.

Ask questions on why owning a RV is important to them and figure out what desires they will be fulfilling by purchasing a new RV.

When you get past surface level with your customers you will have a much higher chance to close the deal because customers buy on emotion and justify with logic.

This is why the best way to close a RV sale is by using your customers emotions against them.

Ask them things like, “Why do you want to keep waiting on your dreams and creating memories with your family and friends when you could buy the RV today and start living the life you really want to live? Sign here.”

Or something like, “Why continue to look for RVs year after year and while never buying one? Time is one thing you can never get back and by not buying the RV today you’re just wasting time that you will never get back. Buy this RV today and start living the life you want to live instead of putting it off another year.”

Just in these 2 examples you can see how I am not using features to close the sale.

I am strictly going for a close using my customers emotions, and this is the best way to close a RV sale.

Stop being an amateur and start using emotion to close more RV sales!

Start Closing RV Deals Like A Pro With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

best sales teams train with tom brady wearing all super bowl rings

The Best Sales Teams Train

Just as the best professional sports team train daily, the best sales teams train daily.

A mistake being made among sales teams across the world is they are not training.

Some companies hire sales people and just expect them to bring results.

Get Results From Your Sales Team With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

While other companies treat their sales team as a customer service department instead of a selling machine.

The truth is, to stay at the top of any industry or profession, you have to be training.

Just as Lebron James and the Lakers train to be the best in the world at basketball, your sales teams must train to be the best sales team in the world.

Train Like A Pro With The Sell More Live More Sales Training

Think about this, the Lakers have to train daily, weekly and monthly to be the best team among the 30 teams in the NBA.

Imagine the grind and hard work Lebron and the Lakers go through to be the best out of 30 teams…

Now lets think of the competition your sales team faces.

How many other sales teams are in competition with your company? Is the number 30, 50, 100, maybe 1000?

The fact is, competition in business is even more grueling than competition in professional sports. While professional sports teams only have around 30 teams to compete with, your business may have hundreds.

Beat Your Competition With The Sell More Live More Sales Training

This is even more a reason to train.

We all know how hard someone like Lebron James, Michael Jordan or Tom Brady have to train to best the 30 other teams in the league. Businesses have to train even harder because they are trying to best hundreds of teams around the world.

With a sales team that isn’t training, this feat will be damn near impossible.

The best teams on the planet are training on a daily basis… is your sales team?

Start Training Your Sales Team With The Sell More Live More Sales Training

How To Overcome Any Objection In Sales

Salespeople who know how to overcome any objection get paid the big bucks.

The problem is, overcoming objections is one of the hardest things to do in any industry.

Creating new revenue for your company, and closing a customer is never easy, and it gets harder the more expensive your product or service is.

Start Closing More Sales With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

But what separates the good sales people from the ones who quit and go back to whatever they were doing before?

Are some people just built for sales while others are not?

Why can some sales people get over objection after objection, while others get rejection after rejection?

The answer; their sales process.

The best sales people have trained, developed, and went through deal after deal to learn how to overcome any objection, and it usually comes with time.

Some sales people quit before they learn how to do it, while others fail deal after deal till they figure it out.

The smart sales people, look for articles and training courses like this and shorten their learning curve so they can close deals more efficiently in less time.

Get A Better Sales Process With The Sell More Live More Sales Training

After 15+ years in sales, I have learned the best way to overcome an objection, and it is to not meet it the objection head on.

Nobody likes that 80’s style, used car sales person who has a rebuttal for everything.

Customers in today’s day and age want sales people who truly care about their needs and wants, not a salesperson with a pocket full of rebuttals.

If you don’t want to be that used car sales person that everyone hates then pay attention.

The best way to overcome an objection is to “hear what they are saying”, and suggest why their objection is holding them back from what they truly want.

So if you learn your customer has come to look at motorhomes because they want to travel and build memories with their family and friends, you use the fact that they want to travel and build memories with their family and friends to overcome their objections.

So to give you an idea of what I mean, here is an example dialogue of how you would use this to overcome objections:

Customer – “I will eventually buy a motorhome but I need to think about it a little more.”

Salesperson – “I hear what you’re saying, but let me ask you this. Why continue to postpone your travels and building memories with your family and friends when you could buy this motorhome today and start living out your dreams.”

Customer – “Well I understand that, but I still need to check my finances, and make sure I can even buy a motorhome.

Salesperson – “I hear what you’re saying but you can’t take your money with you. Your family and friends are only getting older as time passes, and who knows how much more time you actually have left to create memories with your family and friends. This motorhome is only $500 a month which is pennies when you compare the memories and time you will spend with your loved ones in your new motorhome. Stop waiting on your dreams and buy the motorhome today.”

Customer – “Well $500 is still a lot of money, and I have to check with my significant other to see if they would be ok with $500 a month for a motorhome.

Salesperson – “I hear what you’re saying and it is important to have your significant others blessing in anything you choose to do. I know you mentioned that your significant other wanted to build memories with your family and friends as much as you do so I am sure that they will agree that $500 is pennies in comparison to the memories and time you will be spending with your family and friends. Lets do this, sign right here saying you’ll buy the motorhome today and we will make the deal contingent on your significant others approval. If your significant other says its a no-go, then we will tear up the contract, no harm no foul, but I am confident that this motorhome is exactly what you 2 need to start living your dreams and traveling with your family, and I am sure your significant other will feel the same way. Sound fair enough?”

Learn How To Overcome Any Objection With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

Customer – “You’re probably right, my significant other wants this motorhome more than I do, but honestly we were planning to buy one next year.”

Salesperson – “I hear what you’re saying but why wait another year? You both want a motorhome, you both want to travel and create memories with your family and friends. Why wait another year to start doing what you truly want to do when you could buy this motorhome today and start creating memories with your family and friends, you only live once, sign right here.”

Customer – “You make good points, but I really just don’t want to buy it today.”

Salesperson – “I hear what you’re saying but the honest reason you don’t want to buy the motorhome today is because you think you might regret the purchase, but let me ask you this. What do you think you will regret more at the end of your life? Spending $500 a month to travel and create lasting memories with your family and friends or saving $500 a month and never getting to travel and create those memories with your family and friends? Stop torturing yourself year after year and buy this motorhome today so you can start building those memories and living with no regrets.”

Now by this time, your customer is usually closed if you have them on the right product/service but I think you get the point.

We could go on and on with their objections using this method and all we are doing is putting the purchase back on the customer.

We’re saying, I hear your objection and it makes sense, but you can start living your dreams today, why wait?

We’re playing to our customers emotions and getting them to realize that this motorhome is a solution to their problem. That this motorhome is going to help their family travel and create memories, which is worth more than money, so why keep waiting?

We are putting into perspective that this product or service, is what they need to live a better life, and why would you wait on living a better life?

When you overcome objections in this way and stop meeting them head on, your customer will respect you more.

They will see you as a salesperson who actually listens and who actually cares about solving their problems.

They will see you as a salesperson who is there for their needs instead of just there to make a sale, and it will make a huge difference.

Stop being a rebuttal master and overcome objections in the way outlined above, and see how many more of your deals start closing.

Get Over Any Objection With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

What Comes First Sales Or Marketing?

To be successful in business you need to know what comes first sales or marketing?

There are 2 things you have to focus on in business, attention and cash flow. 

Attention being your marketing and how well you stay in front of your customers and target market.

Cash flow being your sales team being able to close deals to generate revenue for your company. 

But, what comes first sales or marketing? 

Get A Better Sales Process With The Sell More Live More Sales Training

Without marketing, nobody will know about your products so how will you sell them?

Without sales, nobody will buy your product or service… so which one comes first?

In my opinion, sales should come before marketing. 

If you don’t have a team who can sell your products or services then who cares?

You could have 100, 200, 500, or even 1000 leads coming in but if you don’t have a sales team that can close the deal and generate cash flow then what is the point?

Some companies come up with an “amazing” product or service that “everyone” will need and buy, but when they try to sell it, nobody buys.

This is a classic example of a business owner who didn’t understand their market before they put together their product or service. 

Get A Better Trained Sales Team With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

If you have a product or service, and you have a team that is actively selling it, then you know your market and customer is ready to buy AND that your product/service is seen as valuable in the market.

Once you have a sales team that is selling a valuable product or service, now you can add fuel to the fire and ramp up your marketing, because now you know the leads and traffic will turn in to sales and cash flow.

If you go the opposite way and start with your marketing, you could be spending money for leads that will never sell because you don’t have the sales team that can close the deal.

This is why I believe a good rule in business is to start with sales. 

Do whatever it takes to get sales generated from your product/services. 

Survey your market and target customer to see what needs and whats aren’t being filled by their current providers and tailor your products and services to fill those gaps.

Once you have a product or service that is selling and a sales team that can close the deal, now pour fuel on the fire and ramp up your marketing team and spend. 

A company will only be as strong as their weakest link, and the link that you need to make the strongest is your sales link. 

Moral of the story; be sure to have a sales team of closers before you pour money into your marketing. 

Make Your Sales Team The Strongest Link With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

How To Approach Customers At Your Dealership To Make Six Figures

Although you think it should be easy, learning how to approach customers at your dealership to make six figures it isn’t always the easiest task.

Customers have gotten into the habit of telling sales people, “I’m just looking, I’ll find you if I need help”, and a lot of the time there goes are opp. 

Time and time again, dealership sales people are trying to handle this problem, and some of them are failing.

The best way I’ve learned how to approach customers at your dealership is with a repeatable and purposeful sales process

Get An Approach That Works

In my opinion, the sales process that works the best and one of the reasons I made 6 figures when I was in dealership sales is outlined out below:

The 2 main things you want to accomplish in your greeting is to set your intentions early, and to lay out your buying process. The reason you want to do these 2 things is because your customers are scared of the unknown. 

People like to have a process and they like to go through a process that makes sense. 

Just as people have a process for their daily hygiene, work, kids schedule, and everything else, they want to follow a process when they purchase from a store. 

Most sales people don’t lay out their process in their greeting and it’s hurting their sales. 

Try This Approach With Your Dealerships Customers

Most salespeople will typically say, “Hi, welcome to the dealership, how can I help you?”.

Where the customer will return with, “We’re just looking”.

Next the sales person usually says, “Ok, let my know if you need any help.”, and they walk away. 

Instead of using the traditional greeting above and getting no where, try something like this; 

Sales Person — “Hi, welcome to our dealership. What can I help you find?” 

Customer —  “Nothing, we’re just looking”.

Sales Person — “Ok great. Have you ever purchased a unit from our dealership before”?

Customer — “No”.

Sales Person — “No problem. The way we do business at our dealership is we are a one price dealer. This means we don’t haggle and negotiate our prices. What we like to do is sit you down and ask you some questions about how, what, and why you’re looking for a new unit. Once we have a good idea of the type of product that will fit your needs exactly, we will take a look at our inventory and see if we have anything that lines up. If we don’t have anything that fits your needs, we won’t ask you to buy anything. If we do have a product that will fit your needs, then we will take it on a test drive and I will demo it for you. After the test drive and demo, we will come back in the store where I will put the numbers on paper for you. This way, you will know exactly what it will cost to buy the unit today. If the price lines up with what you’re looking to spend and the product meets your needs, then you will buy the car. If not, no big deal, we will keep looking till we find a unit that fits your needs perfectly. Does that sound fair enough”?

Here’s Why This Approach Works In Dealership Sales

By greeting your customer in this way, you’re doing a few different things.

  1. You get rid of the unknown in your sales process and tell them exactly what they will go through to do business with your dealership.
  2. You get a round about micro agreement from your customer to go through the sales process from the very beginning. 
  3. You set up the interview and qualify process by telling them you’re going to sit them down and ask who, what, and why they’re looking at new units while getting another round about micro agreement to go through the interview and qualify process.
  4. You set up the write up by telling them after the demo and test drive, you’re going to sit them down again and go over the numbers with them.
  5. You get another micro agreement to buy the unit if it fits their price and needs, and yet another micro agreement to keep looking with you as their sales person for the right unit if the first one you show them isn’t the exact unit they end up buying. 
  6. When you say, “Sound fair enough?” at the end of your greeting, your customer almost has to say “Yes, that sounds fair”, which is another micro agreement to go through your sales process AND buy the unit that is right for them when you find it.

Now, if you sit back and examine this greeting you will see a lot of purpose. You get multiple micro agreements to not only go through your sales process, but to buy the unit if it meets their needs and price. You lower your customers defenses by giving them a clear cut path on how you do business so you assure them you are not wasting their time. In addition to this, you show your customer you care about their needs by explaining why it is important to go through the sales process with you. (so you can get them the perfect unit that will meet all their needs)

After you implement a greeting like this and finish with “Sound fair enough”, you will find it is easier to get a good interview/qualify. You will find it is easier to present you customer numbers in a write up, and you will find it is easier to close the deal. 

Try a greeting like this at your dealership and stop being scared of approaching your customers. 

Learn How To Approach Customers At Your Dealership To Make Six Figures With The Full Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

sales states, Follow Up With Your Dealerships Internet Leads, set more appointments, leads, internet leads, sales

How To Follow Up With Your Dealerships Internet Leads To Set More Appointments

Set The Appointment

The first goal when you follow up with your dealerships internet leads is to set the appointment.

Without an appointment it is almost impossible to sell any product you’re selling.

As soon as the leads get to your CRM or email, you should be calling them on the phone.

Getting The Right Lead

One mistake I see with dealerships lead forms is some only require a name and email.

They leave the phone number optional and I think this is a big mistake!

The phone or in person are the best ways to earn your customers trust.

Defaulting to emails make its harder to connect with your customers, so make the call.

As customers are bombarded with emails and will likely miss your email, they aren’t receiving as many calls.

In a single day I will get a handful of calls while I will receive hundreds of emails.

It is safe to say the easier way to get ahold of me is by the telephone.

Long story short, make sure you require the phone number on your lead forms!

Back To Setting The Appointment

As you get new leads and you divvy them amongst your sales team.

The first goal should be to set an appointment.

Ask your lead(s) to come to the dealership and take a look at the product in person.

Some people will set the appointment right away, and some will take time answering your calls, emails, and texts.

Here is where most sales people fall off.

Your lead didn’t answer your phone call.

You leave a voicemail and tell them to call you back, but they don’t call you back.

You send them an email thinking they will respond, but no reply back.

At this point, most sales people are done!

They will no longer follow up with the lead and will label them one of the following:

  • Tire kicker
  • Window shopper
  • Waste of time
  • Not a buyer
  • Shopping around

I could keep going, but you’ve heard the excuses before and I think you get the point.

I want to stop here for a second so you sales people can understand that this is killing your numbers!

Sales People Get Paid In The Follow Up

Most of the time you will have to reach out to your lead(s) more than 5 times before they will answer you.

If you are one of those sales people who are unwilling to follow up multiple times, then take a new career.

Follow Up With Your Dealerships Internet Leads!

Customers are not sitting by their phone and watching their emails to make sure they didn’t miss a call or email from you.

They’re worried about their own lives, and their dogs, and their kids, and their jobs, and the leaky tub, or the long grass, or the million other things people worry about.

The reason your lead didn’t answer the first 5 times wasn’t because they hate you and want you to stop calling them.

They didn’t answer because they are busy with life and you called at the wrong time.

Maybe they were at work taking a shit, and couldn’t answer the phone.

There are a million reasons why they didn’t responded yet but don’t let that stop you from following up!

Now that I got that off my chest lets move on to the follow up process:

How To Follow Up With Your Dealerships Internet Leads To Set More Appointments

Lead Comes In and Sales Manager Assigns Lead To A Sales Person – Every lead should be given to a sales person within the first 5 minutes it was received and the sales person should follow up within that same 5 minutes.

If you call your leads within the first 5 minutes of them giving you the lead, you will have a higher chance of setting the appointment and closing them.

The more time in between when you get the lead and when you call them will determine the chances of you getting them on the phone or not.

Sales Person Calls The Lead – After the lead is assigned to a sales person, that sales person should call the lead in the first 5 minutes.

The next step is to land the appointment.

One way you can try to set an appointment is by opening your phone call with something like,

“Hi, John this is Chris from ___________. I received your inquiry about our _____________ and I wanted to see if you had some time today to come take a look at this product in person. Does 1:00pm or 4:00pm work better for you”?

If your lead doesn’t answer their phone you should leave them a voicemail.

Tell them you will be sending over a quick text video of the product they inquired about and get ready to shoot a video.

(May not work with all products, but works great for dealerships)

Send A Text Video To Follow Up With Your Dealerships Internet Leads

Send A Personalized Text Video – After you leave a voicemail, the next step is to go out to the unit, open the camera in your smart phone, and record a personalized video to your lead.

You will want to get your face in the video and make it personalized to your lead by saying something like,

“Hey John, this is Chris here at _______ and this is the _______ you inquired about on our website. I wanted to give you a quick walk around of this unit so that you can check it out a little more before you come in and look at it in person. If I miss any areas you want to see or if you want me to go back over something let me know and I’ll get it sent over to you. I am here most of the week if you have some free time to come take a look at this _______ in person, let me know what will work best for you and I will make sure I am available for you.”

Set The Appointment

After you text your lead this personalized video from your cell phone, you will want to ask them what they think of the unit and try to set an appointment.

These personalized videos also help if your lead is from out of town or has a long way to travel because they can see your product closer before making the trip.

Using videos like this will help you sell more products over the phone because your video will build credibility in your products.

Since the video you’re sending is personalized and not a stock video, customers feel more at ease and trust your sales people more.

Notice I am always trying to set the appointment.

This is very important because no matter how many leads you get, without an appointment you will never sell any products.

You can take your videos a step further and send them a couple different videos on comparable units. (No more than 3)

This helps because your customer sees you’re working for them and understand that you are willing to help them find the right product before they buy.

The More Ways You Reach Out The Better

Send An Email – After you call, leave a voice mail, and then send a text video.

The next thing you want to do is send an email.

Your customers will get back to you on whatever medium they feel most comfortable.

If your leads like phone calls and all you do is email, that is no good.

But if your leads like emails and all you do is call, that is also no good.

(If you have to choose one or the other calling is better than email, in my opinion)

This means you have to follow up with your dealerships internet leads on all the different mediums they want to talk on.

This way your leads can choose which one they want to respond to you on and you can start the sales process.

Don’t Get Scared Of The Follow Up

If you follow up with your dealerships internet leads using this method your sales team will be:

  • Calling in the first 5 minutes
  • Trying to set the appointment
  • Leaving a voicemail everytime
  • Sending text videos of the products and comparable products your lead inquired about
  • Sending emails and asking for an appointment
  • Calling a 2nd time before they leave for the day to set an appointment

By using all of these forms of follow up you will increase the chances that your lead will start talking with you so you can start the sales process.

Also, take note how many times in 1 day you should follow up with your internet leads.

If you follow this system you will reach out to your leads 4 times in the first day, and you will repeat the process the next day.

In day 2 you will reach out to your leads another 4 times and you should be able to start the conversation with them by the 8th contact on the 2nd day.

Get Back On The Phone And Call Your Leads

Back To The Phone – Lets assume by the 8th contact your lead(s) still haven’t responded to you.

Get back on the phone and follow up with your dealerships internet leads.

The phone has always been and will always be one of the best devices to conduct business.

Customers get pissed off on a daily basis hearing automated customer service systems because they want to talk with a human.

People want to deal with experts who can help them find the product that fits their needs and solve their problems.

The only way you will be able to figure out what pain points and problems your customers have is by talking to them.

Always Qualify Your Leads

There is a reason every sales process in the world has a section where you qualify your customer.

Even though your leads are pre-qualified, your sales team will still need to take them through the sales process in order to get the sale.

(Want More On Sales Process? Read This Article)

Rinse, Wash, and Repeat – If your lead still hasn’t responded to you, do not stop following up.

Customers will typically purchase a product within the first 16 months of them giving a lead.

This means you should be calling, text, emailing, and even using social media to keep the attention of your leads.

If you stop following up with your leads after the first phone call, or the 10th email, or whatever.

You’re leaving money on the table.

Continue To Follow Up With Your Dealerships Internet Leads

Your leads needs will change as time goes on.

The unit they looked at the first time may not be the unit they need anymore, so follow up and re-qualify your leads before you take them through your sales process.

Moral of the story… always follow up with your dealerships internet leads.

Don’t give up on your leads and make sure you’re contacting them over 8 times.

If you follow up with your customers through phone calls, texts, and emails you will eventually get them on the phone and be able to start your sales process.

Never give up on your follow up and watch your sales grow!

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