best sales teams train with tom brady wearing all super bowl rings

The Best Sales Teams Train

Just as the best professional sports team train daily, the best sales teams train daily.

A mistake being made among sales teams across the world is they are not training.

Some companies hire sales people and just expect them to bring results.

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While other companies treat their sales team as a customer service department instead of a selling machine.

The truth is, to stay at the top of any industry or profession, you have to be training.

Just as Lebron James and the Lakers train to be the best in the world at basketball, your sales teams must train to be the best sales team in the world.

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Think about this, the Lakers have to train daily, weekly and monthly to be the best team among the 30 teams in the NBA.

Imagine the grind and hard work Lebron and the Lakers go through to be the best out of 30 teams…

Now lets think of the competition your sales team faces.

How many other sales teams are in competition with your company? Is the number 30, 50, 100, maybe 1000?

The fact is, competition in business is even more grueling than competition in professional sports. While professional sports teams only have around 30 teams to compete with, your business may have hundreds.

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This is even more a reason to train.

We all know how hard someone like Lebron James, Michael Jordan or Tom Brady have to train to best the 30 other teams in the league. Businesses have to train even harder because they are trying to best hundreds of teams around the world.

With a sales team that isn’t training, this feat will be damn near impossible.

The best teams on the planet are training on a daily basis… is your sales team?

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