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get more customer leads at your rv dealership

Getting More Customer Leads At Your RV Dealership

One of the hardest things for an RV dealership in the digital age is getting RV customer leads.

With the way RV customers are consuming their entertainment and shopping online the game is changing.

RV dealerships are having a hard time getting customer leads for their sales team because they’re using old marketing techniques.

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Some RV dealerships are noticing the changes and making adjustments while other RV dealerships are falling behind.

This is a major concern for because without customer leads there are no RV sales.

Without RV sales there is no dealership.

With this concern knocking on every RV dealerships door, the question is, how do we get more customer leads for our dealership?

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The answer?

Leverage your digital and social media marketing to lower your cost per lead so you can maximize your profits.

Doing things like Facebook marketing, videos, sales funnel optimization, and other digital marketing you can become more efficient.

When your RV dealership becomes more efficient you create more customer leads and conversations for your sales team.

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When you create more customer leads and conversations for your sales team, you sell more RVs.

The concept is simple but the execution takes some finesse and strategy.

Nonetheless, make sure you focus on your digital and social media marketing to maximize your RV dealerships profits and leads.

Because when you give a well trained sales team more customer leads, your dealership will sell more RVs.

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Lead Optimization For RV Dealerships

Lead optimization for RV dealerships is a big deal.

The lower your cost per lead, the higher your profits, so we have to make sure we focus on our RV dealerships lead optimization.

In today’s digital age, most of your customer leads will come from the internet.

RV buyers are shopping online, reading reviews, and looking at your inventory online way before they turn into a customer lead for your sales team.

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But how do we make sure these RV buyers go from a view, to a lead, and then to a buyer?

We focus on our lead optimization and RV sales process – which is a topic for another blog.

The way to focus on your lead optimization is to make sure your RV dealership isn’t giving out all the information your customer needs on your website.

For example, if your website shows your customer the best price, then your customer can use that info against you to negotiate a better price with their local RV dealership.

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The better approach, is to require a Name, Phone Number, and Email to get your RV dealerships best price.

This way your online viewer turns into a customer lead that your sales team can start a conversation with.

We need make sure our dealerships website, digital marketing, and social media, is creating customer leads for our sales teams in the most efficient ways possible.

The fact is, without starting a conversation between our online viewer and our sales teams, the dealership will never sell a RV.

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This means the main focus of your RV dealerships digital, social media, traditional, and radio marketing is to create a customer lead so your sales team can start the conversation.

If your current marketing efforts aren’t doing this, your RV dealership has a big problem.

The main question you have to ask when evaluating your lead optimization is, “How can I use my marketing budget to generate customer leads more efficiently?”.

The way you do this?

Audit your marketing budget!

If you’re spending $500 on a radio ad that brings you 1 customer lead a month, then you’re spending $500 for one lead.

If you put the same $500 into a Facebook Ad campaign where you generate a customer lead for 1$, then you will get 500 leads for that same $500 budget that got you 1 lead on the radio.

This is lead optimization.

RV dealerships are missing out on the magic Facebook Ads and other digital channels can provide for their dealerships, while car dealerships are taking full advantage.

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If your RV dealership is missing out on customer leads because your website and digital marketing isn’t optimized then you need to switch focus.

Their is a lot RV dealers can do to increase the lead optimization at their RV dealerships and this 1 thing will make the world of a difference.

When you start spending your marketing budget more efficiently and pay attention to your cost per lead, then you can increase your profits.

But if you continue to do the same marketing and are spending higher costs per lead, then your profits are being ate up.

Make sure you’re paying attention to your RV dealerships lead optimization because your profit depends on it!

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