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Dealership Digest

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A dealership development show to teach digital marketing and sales tactics to dealerships so they can sell more units annually.

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Episode 1: How To Optimize Your Dealership Website

dealership digest episode 1 how to optimize your dealership website

Learn how to optimize your website with dealership digest so your dealership can compete in the digital age.

Episode 2: Logo, Photo, & Video Optimization For Your Dealership

dealership digest episode 2 media optimization

Learn why optimizing your logo, photos, and videos on your dealership's website can go a long way when it comes to creating leads

Episode 3: Sales Optimization For Your Dealership

dealership digest episode 3 sales optimization for your dealership

If you want to sell more units than ever before, you HAVE to use a solid sales process at your dealership.

Episode 4: Branding Yourself As A Salesperson At Your Dealership

dealership digest episode 4 branding yourself as a salesperson

Want to sell more units as a salesperson? Start branding yourself!

Episode 5: How To Sell To The Millennial Buyer with Katie The Car Lady

dealership digest episode 5 selling to the millennial buyer

Katie The Car Lady gives a run down on the best way to sell a car to the millennial buyer.

Episode 6: Sales Process To Sell More Units At Your Dealership

Fixing and hammering in a solid sales process is more important than ever when it comes to selling more units at your dealership.

Episode 7: BDC Strategy For Your Dealership

Does your dealership have a BDC department? Having a proper BDC department can help bump up your sales numbers.