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A dealership development show to teach digital marketing and sales tactics to dealerships so they can sell more units annually.

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Episode 1: How To Optimize Your Dealership Website

dealership digest episode 1 how to optimize your dealership website

Learn how to optimize your website with dealership digest so your dealership can compete in the digital age.

Episode 2: Logo, Photo, & Video Optimization For Your Dealership

dealership digest episode 2 media optimization

Learn why optimizing your logo, photos, and videos on your dealership's website can go a long way when it comes to creating leads

Episode 3: Sales Optimization For Your Dealership

dealership digest episode 3 sales optimization for your dealership

If you want to sell more units than ever before, you HAVE to use a solid sales process at your dealership.

Episode 4: Branding Yourself As A Salesperson At Your Dealership

dealership digest episode 4 branding yourself as a salesperson

Want to sell more units as a salesperson? Start branding yourself!

Episode 5: How To Sell To The Millennial Buyer with Katie The Car Lady

dealership digest episode 5 selling to the millennial buyer

Katie The Car Lady gives a run down on the best way to sell a car to the millennial buyer.

Episode 6: Sales Process To Sell More Units At Your Dealership

dealership digest on sales process to sell more

Fixing and hammering in a solid sales process is more important than ever when it comes to selling more units at your dealership.

Episode 7: BDC Strategy For Your Dealership

dealership digest bdc strategy for dealership

Does your dealership have a BDC department? Having a proper BDC department can help bump up your sales numbers.

Episode 8: The One Day Close

dealership digest the one day close

The quicker your salespeople can close deals, the more total sales they can make over all. This is why its important for salespeople to learn how to close in one day. Tune in to learn how its done.

Episode 9: Sales During COVID-19

dealership digest sales for dealership during covid 19

It's no secret that COVID-19 has effected us all, most notably those in sales. We have to change the way we do sales into a more digital process in order to meet our sales numbers during these trying times.

Episode 10: Overcoming Objections In Dealership Sales

overcoming objections in dealership sales on dealership digest

Objections are one of the hardest things for any salesmen to deal with. This episode of dealership digest is all about how you can get over objections in order to sell more.

Episode 11: Setting The Appointment

dealership digest setting the appointment

Setting the appointment is one of the most important part of your day as a sales person. In this episode we talk all about how you can get better at setting the appointment.

Episode 12: Getting Your Market Share Back In A Down Market With Tim Elliott.

getting your market share back in a down market with tim elliott on dealership digest

Getting your market share back can be difficult, but especially hard in a down market. In this episode of Dealership Digest you'll hear all about getting your market share back no matter the market.

Episode 13: Interview and Qualify

dealership digest interview and qualify in dealership sales

When you're about to interview and qualify the customer it can be crucial to the sale. Here are some tips on how to interview and qualify in order to get more sales.