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how to run an rv dealership focused on sales

How To Run An RV Dealership Focused On Sales

It’s no secret that to run an RV dealership you have to be focused on sales.

Without sales, the lights don’t stay on and your employees have no pay check, so sales are paramount.

But how do you run an RV dealership that is focused on sales?

To focus on your sales as an RV dealership you have to start with the customer journey.

The RV Customer Journey

Your RV customers have to be the focus if your dealership is going to sell RVs, and the customer journey is a great place to start.

Your customers are searching the internet, reading online reviews, watching videos, looking at photos, and everything else to find their RV.

Once they find a RV that meets their needs, they search for the RV dealership they want to buy from.

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Once your customer finds the right dealership they will turn into an internet lead, walk into your show room, or call your sales team.

What this means is we have to be marketing in the areas where our customers are at.

If your customers are watching videos to find their RV and your RV dealership has 0 videos, you have a problem.

If your customers are expecting high quality photos and your photos are grainy then it’ll probably turn your customers off.

Maybe one of the worst offences, having a bad online ratings and reviews so your customers don’t trust you.

Give Your Customers A Better Sales Experience With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training

If this reminds you of your dealership then you have to start thinking about a change.

To run a RV dealership that is focused on sales, you have to adapt to your customers and the market.

Once you have a good idea of your RV customers journey, the next step is to optimize your lead generation.

Get More RV Leads, Sell More RVs

The goal of your dealerships marketing is to create customers leads and conversations with your sales team.

If your marketing and customer outreach isn’t creating conversations with your sales team, your RV dealership will have a problem.

You have to make sure you don’t fall into the bad habit of keeping your marketing budget in the wrong avenues.

Train Your Sales Team To Close RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

If your TV, radio ads, and billboards aren’t bringing in customer leads, move the budget!

To be focused on customer sales you have to make sure you marketing budget is spent efficiently and starting conversations for your sales team.

Moral of the story, stop spending your marketing budget inefficiently and audit your budget!

After getting more customer leads for your sales team, the next step is to have a sales team of closers.

The Right Sales Team & Process Make A Huge Difference

We all know this is easier said then done, but the truth is the truth.

If your management isn’t focused on how to run an RV dealership around sales then it will be hard for your sales team to be focused on sales.

If your dealerships sales team isn’t trained on how to close RV sales, then no amount of customer leads can save you.

Your sales team has to know how to take your RV customers from lead to close in the same day.

Get A 1-Day Close Sales Process With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Too many RV sales people let their customers walk without buying a RV.

This results in years of wasting time while your RV customers are “searching” for their dream RV.

With a properly trained sales team, your RV dealership can turn those “lookers” into buyers, but only with the rights sales process.

The truth is, your customers want to buy, your sales team just doesn’t know how to close them.

After you take your customer through a 1 day close RV sales process and close the deal, your job isn’t over.

Sell Things Alongside Of The RV

The next step is sell parts and accessories that your customer will need for their new RV.

As a RV dealership focused on RV sales, you have to make sure you don’t stop at just the RV.

There are a lot of parts and accessories your customers need and you should sell it to them.

Sell More Than Just A RV Using The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

By selling parts and accessories alongside the RV you’re increasing your profit per customer transaction and it will make a big difference in the long run.

Do you think we are done selling yet?

No, we are never done selling!

Once we sell our customer the parts and accessories they need, we next need to get them financed.

Get Your RV Customers Financed

There is a lot of money to be made on the back end in your RV financing department, and if you don’t offer this it is a huge mistake.

To be a RV dealership of the future you will ultimately make less money on the front end on the RV sale.

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Reason being is the market is getting more competitive everyday.

What this means for your RV dealership is that you have to be reasonable on the front end and also make money on the back end.

This means selling warranties, insurances, cleaning programs, and anything else you can add to the RV sale.

Don’t discount how much money you can make in your RV dealerships finance department because it makes all the difference.

After we get our customers financed in the right RV, we now need to get a good online review and referral.

Let The World Know You Have Happy Customers

RV customers have never been reading online reviews like they are now.

From Google, Facebook, Yelp, and every other online review, your customers are looking for dealerships that treat their customers right.

If you’re one of the dealership that are treating your customers right then the world should know about it.

Create Happy Customers With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Have a process built into the sales that asks your customers for a Google, Facebook or online review.

The more good online reviews your RV dealership gets, the more trust you build with the RV market and potential customers, so get the review!

Now that we got the sale, financing, and review, we have to be done selling right?


The next step is to continually follow up with the RV customer leads who haven’t bought yet.

Your RV Customers Will Eventually Buy

Every RV customer lead you get is eventually going to buy an RV.

They aren’t looking at RV’s because they aren’t interested, they just haven’t bought one yet.

So to be focused on sales at your RV dealership, you have to always be following up.

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Your sales team and sales process should be to follow up with your leads till they buy.

Your customers are waiting for the right dealership and sales person to sell them an RV so make sure its your dealership!

With the right sales process and focus you can sell more RVs then ever before.

With the wrong sales process and focus your RV dealership will have a hard time surviving.

Which way is your RV dealership gonna go?

the secret to selling more rvs at your dealership

The Secret To Selling More RVs At Your Dealership

There is one secret above all that will have you selling more RVs at your dealership week after week.

The secret?

Have a RV sales process that is designed to close your RV customers today.

Learn A RV Sales Process Designed To Close The Sale Today

RV customers get in the habit of waiting 5, 10, or even 50 years before they live their dreams with a RV.

If your sales team is spending time with these customers every time they visit the dealership then they’re wasting a lot of time.

Unless your sales team can get your RV customer to go from buying an RV in 50 years to buying an RV today, then your sales process isn’t designed to close the deal today.

This secret is easier said then done, but the truth is still stands.

Get Your RV Customers To Buy An RV Today Instead Of In 10 Years

The better your RV sales team gets at closing the deal today instead of next week, the more RV sales your dealership will close.

It’s not always easy selling more RVs at your dealership because RV customers are tough, but it is vital to your success.

Without the proper RV sales training, it can be hard to close RV customer leads.

Train Your RV Sales Team Properly So They Close More RV Sales

For this reason, it is vital to train your RV sales team so they close your RV customers.

If our dealership spends time and marketing dollars to get customers in the door then your sales team should be trained to close the sale today.

Stop letting your RV customers leave without buying an RV because your they deserve an RV!

Close More RV Sales With Better RV Sales Training

Marketing vs. Sales At Your RV Dealership

Its important to make sure your marketing and sales team are working together at your RV dealership.

We’ve all heard stories about how a dealerships marketing and sales team didn’t work well together and it hurt their dealership, and we want to learn from their mistakes.

The biggest mistake you can make as an RV dealership is thinking there is such thing as marketing vs. sales. The truth is, you have to have marketing AND sales.

Train Your RV Sales Team On How To Close More RV Sales

Without customer leads for your sales team you sell no RV’s.

Without a trained sales team to close your customer leads you sell minimal RV’s.

The goal is to have marketing and sales at your RV dealership.

When you have an amazing marketing team getting customer leads for your sales team and a sales team of closers, life is good at the dealership.

When you have customer leads sparingly and a sales team that is mediocre time will be tough.

Get Better At Closing RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training

Moral of the story?

Make sure you have the right marketing and sales team before you waste your time and marketing spend.

To be an efficient and lean RV dealership that continuously closes deals you have to have the right team.

Focus on getting the right marketing and sales team at your dealership and your sales goals won’t be so hard to reach.

Close More RV Sales And Increase Your Profits With A Better Trained Sales Team

get more customer leads at your rv dealership

Getting More Customer Leads At Your RV Dealership

One of the hardest things for an RV dealership in the digital age is getting RV customer leads.

With the way RV customers are consuming their entertainment and shopping online the game is changing.

RV dealerships are having a hard time getting customer leads for their sales team because they’re using old marketing techniques.

Close More Of Your Customer Leads With Better RV Sales Training

Some RV dealerships are noticing the changes and making adjustments while other RV dealerships are falling behind.

This is a major concern for because without customer leads there are no RV sales.

Without RV sales there is no dealership.

With this concern knocking on every RV dealerships door, the question is, how do we get more customer leads for our dealership?

Close More RV Sales At Your Dealership With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

The answer?

Leverage your digital and social media marketing to lower your cost per lead so you can maximize your profits.

Doing things like Facebook marketing, videos, sales funnel optimization, and other digital marketing you can become more efficient.

When your RV dealership becomes more efficient you create more customer leads and conversations for your sales team.

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When you create more customer leads and conversations for your sales team, you sell more RVs.

The concept is simple but the execution takes some finesse and strategy.

Nonetheless, make sure you focus on your digital and social media marketing to maximize your RV dealerships profits and leads.

Because when you give a well trained sales team more customer leads, your dealership will sell more RVs.

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auditing your rv dealerships marketing budget

Auditing Your RV Dealerships Marketing Budget

Auditing your RV dealerships marketing budget has never been more important than it is now.

If you want to be one of the RV dealerships that stay around and don’t get bought out by a giant like Camping World, then you have to make sure your marketing and sales processes are lean and efficient.

As you look at auditing your RV dealerships marketing budget, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

The whole purpose of our marketing is to create a conversation and customer lead for our sales team.

Start Training To Close More RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

This means our billboards, TV commercials, radio ads, digital ads, etc, are all designed to create a conversation with our sales team and our customers.

So when we look at our marketing budget and where we have our dollars allocated, we have to keep at the top of our mind, “how many conversations did this marketing avenue create?”.

This is important to keep in mind because say our monthly marketing budget looks like this:

  • Billboards – $1000
  • Radio Ads – $1000
  • Local TV ads – $5000
  • Online Ads – $500

With this outlined marketing budget your RV dealership would be spending $7500 a month to start a conversation with your sales team and your customer.

The next piece of the puzzle is understanding how many conversations these marketing avenues create.

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So for example, say you track the conversations and it looks something like this:

  • Billboards started 100 conversations. ($10 per lead)
  • Radio Ads started 75 conversations. ($13 per lead)
  • Local TV Ads started 300 conversations. ($16 per lead)
  • Online Ads started 100 conversations. ($5 per lead)

If the numbers look like this when tracking the conversations and breaking down your budget it won’t be hard to see how your RV dealership could get more efficient.

If your RV dealerships marketing audit produce similar results to the numbers above then it would make sense to adjust your budget.

Think about it.

We will never sell a RV without starting a conversation with our sales team and our customers.

So the main objective in your marketing should be to start that conversation.

Sell More RVs At Your Dealership With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

If it cost you $5 a lead to start a conversation using your online ads, while it takes $10+ to create a conversation with a radio, TV ad, or billboard, then to create a lean marketing process we would adjust our budget and put more into our online ads.

Sometimes this is hard because it is harder to track the ROI of our TV ads, radio commercials, and billboards.

Without having a solid process and asking every buyer, “What piece of our marketing brought you to our dealership” it gets hard to track.

The good thing about online ads is the date is right in front of you.

With online ads you can see how much it cost to get the click back to your website.

Next you should track how many of those clicks turn into an internet lead, so you can track online ROI.

Close More Internet Leads To Close More RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Auditing your RV dealerships marketing budget like outlined above is very important.

When your competition are giants like Camping World, it is impossible to go head on head with your marketing budget.

The only way to sustain against a giant is to have leaner marketing and sales processes.

So don’t make the mistake of never auditing your RV dealerships marketing budget because it could be the reason your dealership gets bought out.

Close More RV Sales Month After Month With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Woman telling a story to another woman

Why Every Sales Person Should Be A Storyteller

Human beings have been passing down information through stories since the beginning of time. Today is no different. As humans, we love stories. We love hearing them. Being a part of them. And even telling them. So how does this relate to selling? Well, the truth is, that each good salesperson should be able to tell a story. This article explains why every salesperson should be a storyteller.

The book, “The Storyteller’s Secret: From TED Speakers to Business Legends, Why Some Ideas Catch On and Others Don’t”, explains how people like Survivor series founder, Mark Burnett and even Apple’s own Steve Jobs were made extremely successful through the art of storytelling. Their pitches painted a picture for others to see. Background, trust, and an emotional connection were built on the stories of these top salespeople.

This is something that sometimes lacks in the sales industry. Salespeople forget that people buy things from people they like. They also buy things from people that can paint a story for them that connects to their wants, needs, expectations, and dreams.

Stories of the Future Possibilities

In our online training, six-figure salesperson Chris Paulino talks about closing deals with hypothetical stories painted for the client base. These stories allow the salesperson to connect the customer to the possibilities that the new purchase would give them. Stories also play on the imagination of the consumer and allow them to visualize the picture that the salesperson is trying to paint.

You can also tell stories that explain how your product can help save people from future problems. This will motivate customers to purchase

Stories of Past Successes

Think about the power of a testimonial builds for your business. It’s a story of how your product or service helped solve a problem for the client which usually leaves customers trusting your brand. Amazon and Yelp have built their businesses on these stories from consumers so why should your business be any different?

Like I mentioned above, these stories can be about past customers that you saved from issues. True and authentic stories can build brand and trust with the customer even if they never ever meet the other characters involved. Most likely, they will believe you and trust you even more after one of these narratives.

Stories of Education

Several people learn through stories. Think about how children’s books are set up. Each story teaches some type of lesson through the characters allowing kids to grasp the subject. Adults are no different. They learn from stories. With that being said, salespeople can work storytelling into pitches to teach a certain concept to their audience.

You can teach them about features, product benefits, or other value propositions through your use of these educational stories. This is why every salesperson should be a storyteller.

Whether it’s a pitch, product, or service that you’re trying to sell, stories will make all the difference. So what drives your stories? Share in the comments below!

Lead Optimization For RV Dealerships

Lead optimization for RV dealerships is a big deal.

The lower your cost per lead, the higher your profits, so we have to make sure we focus on our RV dealerships lead optimization.

In today’s digital age, most of your customer leads will come from the internet.

RV buyers are shopping online, reading reviews, and looking at your inventory online way before they turn into a customer lead for your sales team.

Close More Customer Leads With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

But how do we make sure these RV buyers go from a view, to a lead, and then to a buyer?

We focus on our lead optimization and RV sales process – which is a topic for another blog.

The way to focus on your lead optimization is to make sure your RV dealership isn’t giving out all the information your customer needs on your website.

For example, if your website shows your customer the best price, then your customer can use that info against you to negotiate a better price with their local RV dealership.

Optimize Your RV Sales Process With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

The better approach, is to require a Name, Phone Number, and Email to get your RV dealerships best price.

This way your online viewer turns into a customer lead that your sales team can start a conversation with.

We need make sure our dealerships website, digital marketing, and social media, is creating customer leads for our sales teams in the most efficient ways possible.

The fact is, without starting a conversation between our online viewer and our sales teams, the dealership will never sell a RV.

Sell More RVs With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

This means the main focus of your RV dealerships digital, social media, traditional, and radio marketing is to create a customer lead so your sales team can start the conversation.

If your current marketing efforts aren’t doing this, your RV dealership has a big problem.

The main question you have to ask when evaluating your lead optimization is, “How can I use my marketing budget to generate customer leads more efficiently?”.

The way you do this?

Audit your marketing budget!

If you’re spending $500 on a radio ad that brings you 1 customer lead a month, then you’re spending $500 for one lead.

If you put the same $500 into a Facebook Ad campaign where you generate a customer lead for 1$, then you will get 500 leads for that same $500 budget that got you 1 lead on the radio.

This is lead optimization.

RV dealerships are missing out on the magic Facebook Ads and other digital channels can provide for their dealerships, while car dealerships are taking full advantage.

Get Your RV Sales Process Optimized With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

If your RV dealership is missing out on customer leads because your website and digital marketing isn’t optimized then you need to switch focus.

Their is a lot RV dealers can do to increase the lead optimization at their RV dealerships and this 1 thing will make the world of a difference.

When you start spending your marketing budget more efficiently and pay attention to your cost per lead, then you can increase your profits.

But if you continue to do the same marketing and are spending higher costs per lead, then your profits are being ate up.

Make sure you’re paying attention to your RV dealerships lead optimization because your profit depends on it!

Get Sales And Digital Marketing Training From IMR

you are what you focus on poem

You Are What You Focus On

You are what you focus on

So when you focus on being sad, that is what you are

But focusing on being happy, is really just as far

When you focus on poverty

That is where your mindset will be

And when you focus on success

You’ll be much better off you’ll see

Because you are what you focus on

Its only safe to say

That you better change your focus

If it’s not what you want today

For if you focus on the bad, the sad, and lack of wealth

That will be your story, position, and health

But if you focus on good, being happy, and the abundance of money

Then that is what will come back to you, quicker than a bunny

So be careful what you focus on, because that will be what you are

But if you focus with intention, you will become a star

A Poem By: Chris Paulino

Start Focusing On Your Sales Training To Generate More Revenue

picture of a imac in the background with note pad in the foreground and glasses sitting on top of it on top of a computer design for website design

Charge What You’re Worth

When I look back upon the last decade I spent in business, it’s filled with different stories. Different narratives. Some moments I cringe at, and others I embrace. Yet, there’s part of me that is thankful for all the mistakes I made while growing up in the business world. In each mistake was a lesson, and the biggest lesson was to charge what you’re worth.

In my younger years, I was talented enough to get places, but I didn’t have the character enough to keep me in those same positions. I would be afraid of failure or pressured by “more respected persons” that said my work wasn’t good enough to charge what I knew was fair. This usually gave them a bunch of free labor from me and left me resentful of the work I was doing. That is why the biggest mistake I made while growing up in business was not charging what I was worth.  So my advice, charge what you’re worth. 

Check People’s Motives

Charging a fair amount for my work was one of the biggest problems I had when I started out in business. I guess it started as a confidence thing. It was true that I knew more than the average bear, but I didn’t feel confident enough in my skills to charge what I deserved to be paid for my services. In that, I ended up doing a lot of unnecessary work for free. It was ridiculous! My friends in the field told me to charge but I had some mentors that explained I should be doing things for free to build my portfolio.   

Obviously I think it’s a big deal to have a proper portfolio, but at the same time, I don’t think this means selling yourself short. It is only the clients that I’ve given discounts or not charged a fair amount to that I’ve had problems with when it comes to payment. They either would pay late or not pay at all. It becomes a tug of war match to even get your money from some of them after the work is completed. So be wise, and don’t devalue yourself to please other people.

Never Second Guess Yourself

Never ever second guess yourself when it comes to charging for your work. Charge a fair amount. Be honest. And do what you promised. Everyone in business knows marketing is a lot of trial and error, so if you have a client that pushes you against the wall for a sure outcome explain that there’s no magic formula. Just show your case studies from the past and let them come to their own conclusion.

Think about the ads we all see on tv for weight-loss drugs. These huge results and always in the fine print even says results not typical. Every client is different and so is every marketing push you help set up for them. Don’t get trapped in the anxiety of not delivering dramatic results. Do your best and let it go if they try to downgrade your work so they don’t have to pay a fair amount. 

Charge What You’re Worth

Also, it’s important to pick the right clients for you. The truth is, not every person is the right client for you despite what you may think. Niching down and handpicking the RIGHT clients is something that you should be doing. For example, if you are a digital marketer or social media person you need to pick clients that embrace this. Not people that don’t value these things. It’s not your job to convince people to get on the boat but it is your job to help the people that are already on to get to the destination they want. 

I hope this helps someone not make the same mistakes I did. Love yourself. Love others. And do the best that you can always!

Stay Pushing,


Ambition Is Good, But Wisdom Is Better

Ambition Is Good, But Wisdom Is Better

I feel like a lot of people get caught up doing things they don’t love to do because of fear. 

They’re afraid to venture out on their own to start their own businesses or to leave a comfortable office because they might not like anywhere else. 

Truly, this is a prison of their own making. 

But, alas, they are not the only ones that have experienced fear. 

I too have succumbed to fear many times. I’d quit positions because of fear of failure. 

I’d give up on dreams because of fear of the unknown. 

Yes, the certainty of control grabbed me like it has everyone else. 

Yet, when I truly got down to it, I couldn’t imagine myself working somewhere for years to come when my heart was truly in other things. 

Not saying it hasn’t been tough to let go of the grasp that I wanted on my own reality, but it has become easier one day at a time.

However, the biggest gift that I have come across. The most satisfying bit of knowledge is that ambition is good, but wisdom is better. 

I used to think that chasing after my dreams were giving up all sense of stability and doing whatever I could to make those dreams come true.  Although some Cinderalla stories start and end well like this, I live in a reality where that equation doesn’t work. 

You see, when there are mouths to feed and people counting on your support for them, it doesn’t really work to make rash decisions that might leave your loved ones out on the curb with no heat or place to go. 

So, what do you do if you’re in a position like mine where people depend on you each and every day to take care of them? You don’t make unwise decisions that will leave everyone starving. No, you take care of what you can take care of and take baby steps to get where your goals are. 

My grandfather in law was a stonemason. They say his hands were as big as a man’s head and he was one of the hardest workers you’d ever meet. 

He dreamt of building a house for him and his family to reside. So do you know what he did? He worked. 

Every day he worked at building things and every day he’d take the extra brick from his jobs and lay it aside. 

After a while, he had enough brick to build his own home which eventually he did. 

He worked hard. He made wise decisions. And he achieved his goal. 

He also had some money left over to put in the stock market which eventually made him a millionaire. But, he was humble. He worked hard and was wise with his time and his money. 

Ambition Is Good, But Wisdom Is Better.

The problem I see in myself and some others like me is that we rush things. We jump the gun. Our society applauds these rags to riches stories and we eat them up. 

Not only does this sometimes leave us making unwise decisions for the dream, but truly it delays our goals from really happening. Obviously we learn from failure, but to make wise decisions in the first place, that’s something that needs to be applauded.  

When I first became a Christian, the one thing I wanted more than anything was wisdom.

I prayed for it. I studied it. I wanted it. 

Yet, the first gift that I got on all that was a valuable look at myself. Showing me how unwise I really was. 

When I was young, I took opportunities that I thought would pan out, and although some benefit came from them, I should have been more set on establishing myself rather than chasing the wind. 

In this, I’ve been able to see what really matters and make those SMART goals our teachers were always telling us about. 

I still have the tendency to not make wise decisions sometimes both in life and in business. However, the realization that I do this changed me and helped me grow. 

So now, approaching my 30’s, I am not perfect, but I am better able to asses certain situations and make the best decision to benefit me and my family at the same time. 

The point of this is telling you to not give up on your dreams. But to also not embrace folly and chase after the wind because it’s “popular”. 

Ambition is good, but wisdom is better.

Until Next Time, Stay Pushing


The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper. Proverbs 19:8

3 Tips For Getting Internet Customers In The Door

Submitting an internet lead for a vehicle is something that is becoming easier and easier with time. There are several well-known lead resources like and which allow customers to surf the web from anywhere to find the perfect vehicle. Once these customers submit their information on a vehicle, it is usually the job of a BDC Rep or Internet Manager to try to get them in the door. However, with the automotive industry growing more and more competitive each day, this can be easier said than done. So in this blog, I give you my top 3 tips for getting internet customers in the door.

Grow Your Dealership With More Internet Leads

Call Quickly

Don’t be slow to dial. Make sure you are calling the lead RIGHT AFTER they submit their info. Getting an internet lead into the dealership is often determined by how quickly the first response comes. Depending on the website they submitted their information to, other dealerships might be calling them too. This means you need to make sure you are on point with your calls and doing your best to call them right when the call comes in. The quicker you are, the better the chance of connecting before your competition does. So don’t be lax, have the alerts sent to your email, cell phone, and computer screen to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Be Creative and Precise With Your Contact Efforts

Make sure you are calling the fresh leads at least two times the first day they come in. Depending on the time that they come in, you want to make sure you call them at least twice during your shift. If you are working a split shift that day, I’d recommend having a Salesperson call for you after you leave. I understand some BDC Reps might quiver at the thought of this, but I assure you that having a salesperson in your corner to help is something you want. If your dealership doesn’t have this option yet, be sure to ask your Manager about adding it as soon as possible. 

The main thing is just doing your best to connect with the lead before they connect with someone else. Two calls, a text (if they’ve opted in), along with two emails on the first day should suffice. You could also go above and beyond and shoot them a message on social media or Facetime / Skype them. This is a creative way to contact and will also make you stand out against the competition.

Don’t Give Away The Farm In The First Email

Don’t give away the farm in the first email. Everyone submitting a lead expects to get a reply but in that, this doesn’t always mean they want the price upfront. So if they don’t ask for it, don’t give it to them until they do.

It’s important to do everything you can to get them in the dealership without being too specific on the pricing. Obviously, if there are specific comments in the original lead submission, I would do my best to answer those in a “roundabout way”. For example, if they submitted their information on a 2020 Hyundai Sonata SEL I would try to get them on the phone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to do a needs assessment.

A needs assessment will allow you to see what they REALLY want as opposed to the unit they submitted their information on. So in this, you can escape the direct price question they may have asked about in their original lead submission. This allows you the chance to make numerous points of contact before handing away the price.

The more you train on the phone the easier it will be to divert these direct price questions in exchange for more information about your prospect. If you feel you’re not there yet, try getting some extra training on the phones to help you achieve this goal. 

The field of automotive internet sales is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day. With that being said, I believe these 3 tips for getting internet customers in the door will help you book more appointments and sell more cars.

Until Next Time, Stay Pushing, 
Tia Lentini 

Questions about Internet Strategy or my article? Let’s chat! Send me an email at

best sales teams train with tom brady wearing all super bowl rings

The Best Sales Teams Train

Just as the best professional sports team train daily, the best sales teams train daily.

A mistake being made among sales teams across the world is they are not training.

Some companies hire sales people and just expect them to bring results.

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While other companies treat their sales team as a customer service department instead of a selling machine.

The truth is, to stay at the top of any industry or profession, you have to be training.

Just as Lebron James and the Lakers train to be the best in the world at basketball, your sales teams must train to be the best sales team in the world.

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Think about this, the Lakers have to train daily, weekly and monthly to be the best team among the 30 teams in the NBA.

Imagine the grind and hard work Lebron and the Lakers go through to be the best out of 30 teams…

Now lets think of the competition your sales team faces.

How many other sales teams are in competition with your company? Is the number 30, 50, 100, maybe 1000?

The fact is, competition in business is even more grueling than competition in professional sports. While professional sports teams only have around 30 teams to compete with, your business may have hundreds.

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This is even more a reason to train.

We all know how hard someone like Lebron James, Michael Jordan or Tom Brady have to train to best the 30 other teams in the league. Businesses have to train even harder because they are trying to best hundreds of teams around the world.

With a sales team that isn’t training, this feat will be damn near impossible.

The best teams on the planet are training on a daily basis… is your sales team?

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What Comes First Sales Or Marketing?

To be successful in business you need to know what comes first sales or marketing?

There are 2 things you have to focus on in business, attention and cash flow. 

Attention being your marketing and how well you stay in front of your customers and target market.

Cash flow being your sales team being able to close deals to generate revenue for your company. 

But, what comes first sales or marketing? 

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Without marketing, nobody will know about your products so how will you sell them?

Without sales, nobody will buy your product or service… so which one comes first?

In my opinion, sales should come before marketing. 

If you don’t have a team who can sell your products or services then who cares?

You could have 100, 200, 500, or even 1000 leads coming in but if you don’t have a sales team that can close the deal and generate cash flow then what is the point?

Some companies come up with an “amazing” product or service that “everyone” will need and buy, but when they try to sell it, nobody buys.

This is a classic example of a business owner who didn’t understand their market before they put together their product or service. 

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If you have a product or service, and you have a team that is actively selling it, then you know your market and customer is ready to buy AND that your product/service is seen as valuable in the market.

Once you have a sales team that is selling a valuable product or service, now you can add fuel to the fire and ramp up your marketing, because now you know the leads and traffic will turn in to sales and cash flow.

If you go the opposite way and start with your marketing, you could be spending money for leads that will never sell because you don’t have the sales team that can close the deal.

This is why I believe a good rule in business is to start with sales. 

Do whatever it takes to get sales generated from your product/services. 

Survey your market and target customer to see what needs and whats aren’t being filled by their current providers and tailor your products and services to fill those gaps.

Once you have a product or service that is selling and a sales team that can close the deal, now pour fuel on the fire and ramp up your marketing team and spend. 

A company will only be as strong as their weakest link, and the link that you need to make the strongest is your sales link. 

Moral of the story; be sure to have a sales team of closers before you pour money into your marketing. 

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What Your Internet Department Should Be Doing In 2020

The New Year is a time most people commit to doing things differently. Doing things better. And your Internet Department is no different. This year can be the year that your internet department gains more leads, books more appointments, and help sell more cars. This blog explains what your internet department should be doing in 2020.

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How can you do this you might be asking? Well, you can start by doing a few simple things that will make a whole world of difference. 

The first thing your 2020 internet strategy should have in it is the use of video. 

Whether you’re using video messaging to communicate with leads, YouTube videos to boost your SEO score, or micro-videos to share on social media, video needs to be on your mind. In a world where pictures are worth 1,000 words, videos are worth 10,000. The more you incorporate video into you’re internet marketing strategy the better. 

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The second thing you need to focus on is optimizing your website. This can be done by making sure the user experience is straightforward and seamless. It’s surprising to see how many dealer websites aren’t optimized correctly or even mobile-friendly. I suggest trying the lead submission process yourself along just to see how easy it is for your customers to submit their information. Also, it helps to make at least 3 SWOT analysis of your competitor’s websites to make sure your website is better than theirs. These SWOTS will also give you creative ideas on what to add to your website. 

Generate More Leads Today

The final thing your 2020 internet strategy should include is Social Media ads. It’s no surprise that we are becoming an ever more connected society through the use of social media. With that being said, every dealership should be doing their best to harness the power of these tools to gain and convert leads. Platforms like FB and IG provide low-cost ads with supreme laser targeting options for the audience that you want to reach. They also have a built-in CRM which allows you to stay connected and organized while talking to customers on the channel. Apps like YouTube also provide a great way to build up your SEO score while providing valuable information to your customer base.

2020 can be a fantastic year for your internet department to flourish. 

How To Approach Customers At Your Dealership To Make Six Figures

Although you think it should be easy, learning how to approach customers at your dealership to make six figures it isn’t always the easiest task.

Customers have gotten into the habit of telling sales people, “I’m just looking, I’ll find you if I need help”, and a lot of the time there goes are opp. 

Time and time again, dealership sales people are trying to handle this problem, and some of them are failing.

The best way I’ve learned how to approach customers at your dealership is with a repeatable and purposeful sales process

Get An Approach That Works

In my opinion, the sales process that works the best and one of the reasons I made 6 figures when I was in dealership sales is outlined out below:

The 2 main things you want to accomplish in your greeting is to set your intentions early, and to lay out your buying process. The reason you want to do these 2 things is because your customers are scared of the unknown. 

People like to have a process and they like to go through a process that makes sense. 

Just as people have a process for their daily hygiene, work, kids schedule, and everything else, they want to follow a process when they purchase from a store. 

Most sales people don’t lay out their process in their greeting and it’s hurting their sales. 

Try This Approach With Your Dealerships Customers

Most salespeople will typically say, “Hi, welcome to the dealership, how can I help you?”.

Where the customer will return with, “We’re just looking”.

Next the sales person usually says, “Ok, let my know if you need any help.”, and they walk away. 

Instead of using the traditional greeting above and getting no where, try something like this; 

Sales Person — “Hi, welcome to our dealership. What can I help you find?” 

Customer —  “Nothing, we’re just looking”.

Sales Person — “Ok great. Have you ever purchased a unit from our dealership before”?

Customer — “No”.

Sales Person — “No problem. The way we do business at our dealership is we are a one price dealer. This means we don’t haggle and negotiate our prices. What we like to do is sit you down and ask you some questions about how, what, and why you’re looking for a new unit. Once we have a good idea of the type of product that will fit your needs exactly, we will take a look at our inventory and see if we have anything that lines up. If we don’t have anything that fits your needs, we won’t ask you to buy anything. If we do have a product that will fit your needs, then we will take it on a test drive and I will demo it for you. After the test drive and demo, we will come back in the store where I will put the numbers on paper for you. This way, you will know exactly what it will cost to buy the unit today. If the price lines up with what you’re looking to spend and the product meets your needs, then you will buy the car. If not, no big deal, we will keep looking till we find a unit that fits your needs perfectly. Does that sound fair enough”?

Here’s Why This Approach Works In Dealership Sales

By greeting your customer in this way, you’re doing a few different things.

  1. You get rid of the unknown in your sales process and tell them exactly what they will go through to do business with your dealership.
  2. You get a round about micro agreement from your customer to go through the sales process from the very beginning. 
  3. You set up the interview and qualify process by telling them you’re going to sit them down and ask who, what, and why they’re looking at new units while getting another round about micro agreement to go through the interview and qualify process.
  4. You set up the write up by telling them after the demo and test drive, you’re going to sit them down again and go over the numbers with them.
  5. You get another micro agreement to buy the unit if it fits their price and needs, and yet another micro agreement to keep looking with you as their sales person for the right unit if the first one you show them isn’t the exact unit they end up buying. 
  6. When you say, “Sound fair enough?” at the end of your greeting, your customer almost has to say “Yes, that sounds fair”, which is another micro agreement to go through your sales process AND buy the unit that is right for them when you find it.

Now, if you sit back and examine this greeting you will see a lot of purpose. You get multiple micro agreements to not only go through your sales process, but to buy the unit if it meets their needs and price. You lower your customers defenses by giving them a clear cut path on how you do business so you assure them you are not wasting their time. In addition to this, you show your customer you care about their needs by explaining why it is important to go through the sales process with you. (so you can get them the perfect unit that will meet all their needs)

After you implement a greeting like this and finish with “Sound fair enough”, you will find it is easier to get a good interview/qualify. You will find it is easier to present you customer numbers in a write up, and you will find it is easier to close the deal. 

Try a greeting like this at your dealership and stop being scared of approaching your customers. 

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digital marketing strategy

What Is Wrong With My Digital Marketing Strategy?

When you think about your digital marketing strategy a lot of different things may pop into your mind.

The truth is, your digital marketing strategy should be evolving monthly and get more efficient as time goes on, but what all goes into a good strategy?

Is it just about having a website, a Facebook page, and an email account, or are there more things to a digital marketing strategy?

In today’s market, you have to be in many places at one time to get your customers attention so listen up.

I would say your digital marketing team and strategy is the biggest key performance indicators (KPI) for your company’s sales.

The idea behind digital marketing strategy is getting all of your digital marketing working together so you can generate a true customer lead.

In simple terms, how well is your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pay-Per Click Ads, SEO, E-Mail marketing, and everything else working together to reach your target customer.

While some companies have just a website and a Facebook page, (that they never touch) other companies are taking their digital strategy serious. The serious companies are making sure they’re omnipresent across the internet and search engines.

We are no longer in a time where just having a website is good enough to attract your ideal customer.

Consumers are using every tool they have at their disposal to make sure they are working with the most credible companies and buying the most credible products.

From Google, Facebook, Yelp reviews, pictures, videos, your website, the content you create, and everything in between. Your ideal customers are using all of these tools and more to decide if they want to work with your company or not.

This is very important if you’re a business owner because you have to be able to keep up with the times and know if your digital marketing strategy is set for success or failure.

How do you make sure your digital marketing strategy is set up for success?

You should be asking your marketing team questions like these:

  • How are we targeting our ideal customers with PPC ads?
  • How are we using Facebook to build a relevant audience we can continue marketing to?
  • How good is our website at generating a lead once a potential customer visits the site?
  • How are we using video to drive engagement and interest with our target customers?
  • How are we using e-mail marketing to stay in front of our customers and keep them up-to-date with what is happening at the company?
  • How often are we using Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live, and other forms of Live video to generate new interest and spark new conversations?
  • How are we following up with the leads from last month that nobody has called or talked to yet?
  • And the list goes on…

As you can tell, there are a lot of important questions that need to be answered when it comes to your online strategy.

How well can you answer these questions about your digital marketing strategy?

How often is your company doing a digital marketing audit to make sure your strategy is as efficient as it can be?

How well is your sales team following up with the customer leads your digital marketing creates?

Remember, the most adaptable businesses survive.