how to run an rv dealership focused on sales

How To Run An RV Dealership Focused On Sales

It’s no secret that to run an RV dealership you have to be focused on sales.

Without sales, the lights don’t stay on and your employees have no pay check, so sales are paramount.

But how do you run an RV dealership that is focused on sales?

To focus on your sales as an RV dealership you have to start with the customer journey.

The RV Customer Journey

Your RV customers have to be the focus if your dealership is going to sell RVs, and the customer journey is a great place to start.

Your customers are searching the internet, reading online reviews, watching videos, looking at photos, and everything else to find their RV.

Once they find a RV that meets their needs, they search for the RV dealership they want to buy from.

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Once your customer finds the right dealership they will turn into an internet lead, walk into your show room, or call your sales team.

What this means is we have to be marketing in the areas where our customers are at.

If your customers are watching videos to find their RV and your RV dealership has 0 videos, you have a problem.

If your customers are expecting high quality photos and your photos are grainy then it’ll probably turn your customers off.

Maybe one of the worst offences, having a bad online ratings and reviews so your customers don’t trust you.

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If this reminds you of your dealership then you have to start thinking about a change.

To run a RV dealership that is focused on sales, you have to adapt to your customers and the market.

Once you have a good idea of your RV customers journey, the next step is to optimize your lead generation.

Get More RV Leads, Sell More RVs

The goal of your dealerships marketing is to create customers leads and conversations with your sales team.

If your marketing and customer outreach isn’t creating conversations with your sales team, your RV dealership will have a problem.

You have to make sure you don’t fall into the bad habit of keeping your marketing budget in the wrong avenues.

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If your TV, radio ads, and billboards aren’t bringing in customer leads, move the budget!

To be focused on customer sales you have to make sure you marketing budget is spent efficiently and starting conversations for your sales team.

Moral of the story, stop spending your marketing budget inefficiently and audit your budget!

After getting more customer leads for your sales team, the next step is to have a sales team of closers.

The Right Sales Team & Process Make A Huge Difference

We all know this is easier said then done, but the truth is the truth.

If your management isn’t focused on how to run an RV dealership around sales then it will be hard for your sales team to be focused on sales.

If your dealerships sales team isn’t trained on how to close RV sales, then no amount of customer leads can save you.

Your sales team has to know how to take your RV customers from lead to close in the same day.

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Too many RV sales people let their customers walk without buying a RV.

This results in years of wasting time while your RV customers are “searching” for their dream RV.

With a properly trained sales team, your RV dealership can turn those “lookers” into buyers, but only with the rights sales process.

The truth is, your customers want to buy, your sales team just doesn’t know how to close them.

After you take your customer through a 1 day close RV sales process and close the deal, your job isn’t over.

Sell Things Alongside Of The RV

The next step is sell parts and accessories that your customer will need for their new RV.

As a RV dealership focused on RV sales, you have to make sure you don’t stop at just the RV.

There are a lot of parts and accessories your customers need and you should sell it to them.

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By selling parts and accessories alongside the RV you’re increasing your profit per customer transaction and it will make a big difference in the long run.

Do you think we are done selling yet?

No, we are never done selling!

Once we sell our customer the parts and accessories they need, we next need to get them financed.

Get Your RV Customers Financed

There is a lot of money to be made on the back end in your RV financing department, and if you don’t offer this it is a huge mistake.

To be a RV dealership of the future you will ultimately make less money on the front end on the RV sale.

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Reason being is the market is getting more competitive everyday.

What this means for your RV dealership is that you have to be reasonable on the front end and also make money on the back end.

This means selling warranties, insurances, cleaning programs, and anything else you can add to the RV sale.

Don’t discount how much money you can make in your RV dealerships finance department because it makes all the difference.

After we get our customers financed in the right RV, we now need to get a good online review and referral.

Let The World Know You Have Happy Customers

RV customers have never been reading online reviews like they are now.

From Google, Facebook, Yelp, and every other online review, your customers are looking for dealerships that treat their customers right.

If you’re one of the dealership that are treating your customers right then the world should know about it.

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Have a process built into the sales that asks your customers for a Google, Facebook or online review.

The more good online reviews your RV dealership gets, the more trust you build with the RV market and potential customers, so get the review!

Now that we got the sale, financing, and review, we have to be done selling right?


The next step is to continually follow up with the RV customer leads who haven’t bought yet.

Your RV Customers Will Eventually Buy

Every RV customer lead you get is eventually going to buy an RV.

They aren’t looking at RV’s because they aren’t interested, they just haven’t bought one yet.

So to be focused on sales at your RV dealership, you have to always be following up.

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Your sales team and sales process should be to follow up with your leads till they buy.

Your customers are waiting for the right dealership and sales person to sell them an RV so make sure its your dealership!

With the right sales process and focus you can sell more RVs then ever before.

With the wrong sales process and focus your RV dealership will have a hard time surviving.

Which way is your RV dealership gonna go?