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Marketing vs. Sales At Your RV Dealership

Its important to make sure your marketing and sales team are working together at your RV dealership.

We’ve all heard stories about how a dealerships marketing and sales team didn’t work well together and it hurt their dealership, and we want to learn from their mistakes.

The biggest mistake you can make as an RV dealership is thinking there is such thing as marketing vs. sales. The truth is, you have to have marketing AND sales.

Train Your RV Sales Team On How To Close More RV Sales

Without customer leads for your sales team you sell no RV’s.

Without a trained sales team to close your customer leads you sell minimal RV’s.

The goal is to have marketing and sales at your RV dealership.

When you have an amazing marketing team getting customer leads for your sales team and a sales team of closers, life is good at the dealership.

When you have customer leads sparingly and a sales team that is mediocre time will be tough.

Get Better At Closing RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training

Moral of the story?

Make sure you have the right marketing and sales team before you waste your time and marketing spend.

To be an efficient and lean RV dealership that continuously closes deals you have to have the right team.

Focus on getting the right marketing and sales team at your dealership and your sales goals won’t be so hard to reach.

Close More RV Sales And Increase Your Profits With A Better Trained Sales Team

what is your rv sales process

What Is Your RV Sales Process

If you don’t train your RV sales team then what is your RV sales process?

Just as your favorite, NBA, NFL, and MLB team have a training process, so should your RV dealership.

Your RV sales process is going to be the catalyst that makes you fall short of your sales goals or helps your exceed them.

The better our RV sales people are trained the better they are going to handle are customers.

They will provide better experiences, and leave your customers happy.

Get A Better RV Sales Process With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

An untrained RV sales person will do the exact opposite, and if your RV sales team can’t handle the “tough to close” RV customer then your dealership is in trouble.

If you’re going to spend your hard earned money and marketing budget to generate leads for your sales team then you need to train your sales team on how to close more sales.

The way to do it?

Train your RV sales team with an efficient and proven RV sales process.

If you don’t have a RV sales process then I would suggest using our online Sell More Live More RV Sales Training program we provide at IMR.

Get A RV Sales Process That Helps You Close More Deals With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Your sales process is going to be the reason your sales team makes $50,000 per sale person or $100,000 which is a win-win for everyone.

Without a RV sales process your sales team will be wasting time with your customers.

They won’t be interviewing and qualifying properly, which in turn means they will show your customers the wrong RVs.

When your sales team shows the wrong RVs, don’t know how to close, and have no process to follow, they will be inefficient.

One deal will take 8 hours, while another will take 16 hours, all while you want them to get a deal done in 2 hours.

Get More Efficient In Your RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Efficient processes come from daily training, and if your sales team isn’t training then get them on the Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program.

I personally used the Sell More Live More RV Sales Process to make $100,000+ in RV sales annually and so can you or your sales team.

When you have a sales team of closers, your sales goals will get smashed month after month.

When you have a sales team that is inefficient and untrained then you will be wasting your dealerships time, money, and marketing budget.

Which one sounds better?

Smashing your monthly sales goals month over month or wasting your time, money and marketing budget?

If I had to guess I am sure you choose smashing your sales goals so start training your RV sales team daily and watch how many more RVs they sell!

Start Exceeding Your RV Sales Goals With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

why rv sales training is so important

Why RV Sales Training Is Important

It’s not hard to see why RV sales training is important.

With the amount of competition in the RV market, it is hard to close a RV sale.

Your customers are looking at RVs they don’t “need” but rather they “want”.

Your RV customers have a mortgage, 2 car payments, kids, bills, and everything else, now you want to ask them to buy a RV?

Get More Customers Saying “Yes” With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

These things, among others, can make it hard to close an RV sale.

It makes it even tougher if you aren’t training your sales team on how to close these unique customers.

RV salespeople are thrown to the wolves on a daily basis and they aren’t always trained on how to deal with your RV customers.

The result?

Your sales team burns your RV customer leads and your revenue goals pay the price.

Stop Burning Customer Leads And Falling Short Of Your Sales Goals With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

These RV salespeople go into their RV sale blind, talking to your RV customers without training and losing your dealership customers.

When you multiply this for every day of the year, it gets gut wrenching.

By increasing the efficiency of your RV sales process by just 20%, an RV dealer that sells 400 units a year can instantly go to 480 RVs in the following year.

This means that if your RV dealership makes an average of $2,000 a RV then you would make an extra $160,000 for simply being more efficient at your RV sales process.

By focusing on training and getting your team better at handling your RV customers, everyone wins.

Start Focusing On Your RV Sales Training With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

Your dealership makes more money, your sales people make more money, and your customers are happier.

When you don’t train your RV sales team, you will have less profit at your dealership, low earnings for your sales teams, and customers who are disappointed with their experience.

Taking all this into account, you can see how sales training is important if your goal are higher profit and happier customers.

So why don’t you take your sales training seriously?

Is it because there are no good programs for an RV sales person or dealership?


When I was in RV sales, I found this to be true.

Get RV Sales Training That Was Created For The RV Customer

I scoured the internet looking for a program that would help me make 6 figures in RV sales, but I couldn’t find anything.

I could find car sales training programs, but what I knew was the RV customer is different and I needed RV sales training.

So what did I do?

I created my own RV sales process using my 15+ years of sales knowledge.

I then used that RV sales process to make 6 figures and become top 8 in the nation for Salem Hemisphere RV sales.

Make 6 Figures At Your RV Dealership With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

After leaving RV sales, I still wanted to help RV sales people who were in the same boat as I was.

Sales people who wanted to make 6 figures in the RV industry, but didn’t know how to close a RV customer.

I wanted to help those sales people who were looking for RV sales training, but couldn’t find anything.

That is when I decided to record the Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program.

The Sell More Live More program is the best online program for RV sales people and teams, period.

Get The Best RV Sales Training On The Planet With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

The reason?

Because it has been tested and forged in the RV industry around RV customers and has produced 6 figure earnings in RV sales.

RV customers are very unique and only a true RV sales process will help your RV sales team close these kind of customers.

train your rv sales people

Train Your RV Salespeople

As a RV dealership you have to train your RV salespeople.

Selling in both RV and car dealerships, you see the difference in how dealerships train their salespeople.

Most dealerships are pretty good about getting leads for their sales teams, but not all of them are good about training their sales teams.

In a RV dealership, marketing and sales have to work together to generate a sale.

If marketing is generating good customer leads, and your RV sales team isn’t closing deals, than someone has to be held accountable.

That someone, is your sales training!

Train Your Sales Team To Close More RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

In the car industry it is common to have sales training programs and trainers for a sales team.

In RV dealerships, it doesn’t seem to be the same.

It feels more sink or swim.

Like you’re being thrown to the wolves.

Now, a lot of sales jobs are this way, but I think it would be more beneficial to start training our RV sales people.

Start giving them ways to navigate the hard sale of the RV customer.

RV sales aren’t like car sales.

Customer’s don’t need a RV like they need a car, so you can’t jam them into a deal.

Instead, you have to learn how to conjure up your customers true emotions and wants, and then close on their emotions.

This one thing alone will help you close more RV sales…

Train your RV salespeople!

Have Your RV Sales People Closing Towards Emotion With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

If your RV sales teams lack training it will show in their RV sales process, and you will miss RV sale after RV sale.

Do your RV dealership and your marketing team a favor by training your salespeople.

Either having your sales manager holds daily training’s or implementing the Sell More Live More Sales Training Program, you have to start training your sales teams one way or another.

RV sales are hard, and your sales people could be closing more of their RV deals if they had daily RV sales training.

Just as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Tom Brady train to be the best, RV salespeople should too.

Start training your RV sales teams and watch how many more RVs they sell!

Get Your RV Sales Team Training Daily With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program Online