why rv sales training is so important

Why RV Sales Training Is Important

It’s not hard to see why RV sales training is important.

With the amount of competition in the RV market, it is hard to close a RV sale.

Your customers are looking at RVs they don’t “need” but rather they “want”.

Your RV customers have a mortgage, 2 car payments, kids, bills, and everything else, now you want to ask them to buy a RV?

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These things, among others, can make it hard to close an RV sale.

It makes it even tougher if you aren’t training your sales team on how to close these unique customers.

RV salespeople are thrown to the wolves on a daily basis and they aren’t always trained on how to deal with your RV customers.

The result?

Your sales team burns your RV customer leads and your revenue goals pay the price.

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These RV salespeople go into their RV sale blind, talking to your RV customers without training and losing your dealership customers.

When you multiply this for every day of the year, it gets gut wrenching.

By increasing the efficiency of your RV sales process by just 20%, an RV dealer that sells 400 units a year can instantly go to 480 RVs in the following year.

This means that if your RV dealership makes an average of $2,000 a RV then you would make an extra $160,000 for simply being more efficient at your RV sales process.

By focusing on training and getting your team better at handling your RV customers, everyone wins.

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Your dealership makes more money, your sales people make more money, and your customers are happier.

When you don’t train your RV sales team, you will have less profit at your dealership, low earnings for your sales teams, and customers who are disappointed with their experience.

Taking all this into account, you can see how sales training is important if your goal are higher profit and happier customers.

So why don’t you take your sales training seriously?

Is it because there are no good programs for an RV sales person or dealership?


When I was in RV sales, I found this to be true.

Get RV Sales Training That Was Created For The RV Customer

I scoured the internet looking for a program that would help me make 6 figures in RV sales, but I couldn’t find anything.

I could find car sales training programs, but what I knew was the RV customer is different and I needed RV sales training.

So what did I do?

I created my own RV sales process using my 15+ years of sales knowledge.

I then used that RV sales process to make 6 figures and become top 8 in the nation for Salem Hemisphere RV sales.

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After leaving RV sales, I still wanted to help RV sales people who were in the same boat as I was.

Sales people who wanted to make 6 figures in the RV industry, but didn’t know how to close a RV customer.

I wanted to help those sales people who were looking for RV sales training, but couldn’t find anything.

That is when I decided to record the Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program.

The Sell More Live More program is the best online program for RV sales people and teams, period.

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The reason?

Because it has been tested and forged in the RV industry around RV customers and has produced 6 figure earnings in RV sales.

RV customers are very unique and only a true RV sales process will help your RV sales team close these kind of customers.