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you are what you focus on poem

You Are What You Focus On

You are what you focus on

So when you focus on being sad, that is what you are

But focusing on being happy, is really just as far

When you focus on poverty

That is where your mindset will be

And when you focus on success

You’ll be much better off you’ll see

Because you are what you focus on

Its only safe to say

That you better change your focus

If it’s not what you want today

For if you focus on the bad, the sad, and lack of wealth

That will be your story, position, and health

But if you focus on good, being happy, and the abundance of money

Then that is what will come back to you, quicker than a bunny

So be careful what you focus on, because that will be what you are

But if you focus with intention, you will become a star

A Poem By: Chris Paulino

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Ambition Is Good, But Wisdom Is Better

Ambition Is Good, But Wisdom Is Better

I feel like a lot of people get caught up doing things they don’t love to do because of fear. 

They’re afraid to venture out on their own to start their own businesses or to leave a comfortable office because they might not like anywhere else. 

Truly, this is a prison of their own making. 

But, alas, they are not the only ones that have experienced fear. 

I too have succumbed to fear many times. I’d quit positions because of fear of failure. 

I’d give up on dreams because of fear of the unknown. 

Yes, the certainty of control grabbed me like it has everyone else. 

Yet, when I truly got down to it, I couldn’t imagine myself working somewhere for years to come when my heart was truly in other things. 

Not saying it hasn’t been tough to let go of the grasp that I wanted on my own reality, but it has become easier one day at a time.

However, the biggest gift that I have come across. The most satisfying bit of knowledge is that ambition is good, but wisdom is better. 

I used to think that chasing after my dreams were giving up all sense of stability and doing whatever I could to make those dreams come true.  Although some Cinderalla stories start and end well like this, I live in a reality where that equation doesn’t work. 

You see, when there are mouths to feed and people counting on your support for them, it doesn’t really work to make rash decisions that might leave your loved ones out on the curb with no heat or place to go. 

So, what do you do if you’re in a position like mine where people depend on you each and every day to take care of them? You don’t make unwise decisions that will leave everyone starving. No, you take care of what you can take care of and take baby steps to get where your goals are. 

My grandfather in law was a stonemason. They say his hands were as big as a man’s head and he was one of the hardest workers you’d ever meet. 

He dreamt of building a house for him and his family to reside. So do you know what he did? He worked. 

Every day he worked at building things and every day he’d take the extra brick from his jobs and lay it aside. 

After a while, he had enough brick to build his own home which eventually he did. 

He worked hard. He made wise decisions. And he achieved his goal. 

He also had some money left over to put in the stock market which eventually made him a millionaire. But, he was humble. He worked hard and was wise with his time and his money. 

Ambition Is Good, But Wisdom Is Better.

The problem I see in myself and some others like me is that we rush things. We jump the gun. Our society applauds these rags to riches stories and we eat them up. 

Not only does this sometimes leave us making unwise decisions for the dream, but truly it delays our goals from really happening. Obviously we learn from failure, but to make wise decisions in the first place, that’s something that needs to be applauded.  

When I first became a Christian, the one thing I wanted more than anything was wisdom.

I prayed for it. I studied it. I wanted it. 

Yet, the first gift that I got on all that was a valuable look at myself. Showing me how unwise I really was. 

When I was young, I took opportunities that I thought would pan out, and although some benefit came from them, I should have been more set on establishing myself rather than chasing the wind. 

In this, I’ve been able to see what really matters and make those SMART goals our teachers were always telling us about. 

I still have the tendency to not make wise decisions sometimes both in life and in business. However, the realization that I do this changed me and helped me grow. 

So now, approaching my 30’s, I am not perfect, but I am better able to asses certain situations and make the best decision to benefit me and my family at the same time. 

The point of this is telling you to not give up on your dreams. But to also not embrace folly and chase after the wind because it’s “popular”. 

Ambition is good, but wisdom is better.

Until Next Time, Stay Pushing


The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper. Proverbs 19:8

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The Mindset Of A Salesperson

Mindset is the great equalizer in life.

Whether you’re in sales, school, or just going through a hard time, having the right mindset will be what carries you through.

On the contrary, if you have a weak mind, you will stay in the darkest of days for as long as you live.

However, if you exercise and strengthen your mind as you would your bicep, you can accomplish any task set to mind. 

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Mindset is the difference between an addict who beats their addiction and one who keeps it forever.

It is the difference between a CEO who fails and one who thrives.

It is also the difference between a top producing salesperson and one who doesn’t meet their quota. 

Having a good mindset is always the starting point for someone who wants to become a successful salesperson and it is the starting point for you as well.

To become a successful salesperson we have to attack our sales career with the tenacity to never quit. 

We have to make sure that when the deals aren’t closing the way we want them to, that we continue to train and better ourselves so that tomorrow will be different. 

Train Like A Sales Champion

A successful salesperson is never an overnight success, but rather someone who is willing to go through 1,000 no’s to get a yes.

They are someone who is willing to train, work, and get better at their craft daily so they can provide their customers with the best experience possible. 

A successful salesperson has the discipline to pick up the phone and make more calls, even when the last 100, 200, or even 300 haven’t brought a deal.

Successful sales people have the discipline to follow up with their leads till they’ve spoken to every last one of them, even if that takes 500 calls before you get a connection.

Being successful in sales, is much like being successful at anything in life; you have to strengthen your mindset and have laser focus on exceeding your goals.

Get The Sales Mindset You Always Wanted

You need the discipline to never question the process and to show up when everyone else would of given up and quit. 

When your mindset is strong and forged of steel, you will start to see a side of success that you’ve never known before.

You will start to love the grind, the hard work, and the constant training that you endure to be the best you can be. 

To become a successful salesperson build a mindset that can be wavered by none, and stay focused as you grow to your full potential.

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picture of bill gates with the quote "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." next to the picture

Work Smarter Not Harder

Sometimes the best way to get things done is to find someone else to do it. The whole idea behind “work smarter not harder”.

We all have our own personality types, strengths and weaknesses, and too often we resort to the mindset of “always doing it ourselves”.

The truth is, we’re all good at what we’re good at and other people are good at what they’re good at.

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If we always try to figure everything out on our own and not looking for people better than us to help our companies succeed then we’re missing the point.

There is always someone out there who can do a certain job better than we can, and we have to learn how to hire and employee the right teams so we can get the job done efficiently.

If we continue to take the mindset of, “I will get it done myself”, then we will likely be mediocre at best.

Lets start using the old saying, “work smarter not harder”.

Lets start thinking with the mindset of “how do I hire the right people to get the job done”.

This way we can allow everyone to focus on their strengths and grow our companies as a team!

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I made it, making it will kill you, made it, I finally made it

“Making It” Will Kill You

Thinking “I Made It” Will Make You Complacent

I hate when someone tells me “I made it”.

When someone says “I made it”, all they’re really telling you is, “I am ready to be lazy”.

I am not trying to hate on someone for their accomplishments, but I bring this up because “I made it” makes people complacent and kills their growth.

The idea of “making it” means that you see nothing more to go after. It means that you’ve stopped growing and you’re resting on your laurels, and this is no bueno.

The end goal for me is living the life I want to live and always pursuing greatness.

I am not saying I don’t have milestones I want to reach in my career and life, but what I am saying is I am never going to “make it”.

I continue to work hard daily and pursue my dreams not for the idea of “making it” one day, but for the idea that I am always striving to get better no matter what I accomplished today.

As one day ends, a new one will begin, and that means new opportunities will show themselves.

You have to be ready to take advantage of these opportunities.

If you “make it”, you will stop looking for new opportunities and you will shut yourself off to future growth.

“Making It” will make you complacent and stagnate and eventually you will look back only to regret that you didn’t try to accomplish more.

Charge after your goals and accomplish everything you want in life, and when you accomplish that, go accomplish more, because the day you “make it” is the day you die.

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what customers want, sales, sales tips, what customers really want

What Customers Really Want From Their Salespeople

Get A Sales Process That Gives Customers What They Really Want

Sometimes it is painful to go into a dealership or a business and hear the pitch some of their salesmen are throwing at me. A lot of them start talking about dogs, family, and life before closing the deal, and its one of my pet peeves. Please stop wasting your breath and learn what customers want from their salespeople!

Your customers are coming to you because you’re the EXPERT!

They do not care to talk about anything other then how you’re going to provide them with a turn-key solution to their problems. It’s as simple as that. Stop wasting your time on topics that have nothing to do with how you’re going to solve their problems because that’s what customers want!

As the great Albert Einstein has said “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Learn what customers want from their salespeople

What you have to figure out as the business owner is what issue(s) your product/services are fixing and sell to your customer based off of these rewards. Instead of pitching all of your services to your customer, sell them your turn key solution that is going to fix their biggest problems and you will close more deals.

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Customers are coming to you because you’re the expert in your field and they trust you can solve their most frustrating issues.

So what can we do as salesmen and business owners?

Ask more questions! A lot of the time I talk to salesmen and business owners and they can not tell me about their actual customer. A lot of them talk more then they listen and they do not truly understand why their customer is even looking for their product/services.

What you should do as a salesmen is keep asking questions and really listen to what your customer wants.

Ask them how, what, when, where, and why they are looking for your services so that you can truly understand their needs. Get them talking for a good 10 minutes on why THEY are looking for your company and what problems they are looking to address.

Once you have a good understanding of your customers TRUE needs, you don’t have to just “pitch your services”. You can now show them how your product/services are going to fix their problems and they will give you their business.

Implement this simple technique into your sales process and you will be sure to close more deals!

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make or break you, attitude is everything, picture of a white board that says attitude is everything

Because Attitude Will Make Or Break You

Make or Break You, Which Will Your Attitude Do?

Attitude is something that will take you to the top, or drag you to the bottom. The main thing about attitude is it’s literally all up to you.

You can choose to be a positive, go getter; or you can choose to be negative and always act as a victim. Whichever you choose is the one that will determine the outcome or your everyday life.

I know you have heard the famous quote by Henry Ford saying, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” This is what I think about when I hear the word attitude and this is how I attack situations.

henry ford, make or break you attitude, picture of henry ford with a row of cars in the back ground

When going into your projects, business ventures, or even your daily life, make sure you are taking the positive, “I can” approach over the negative “I can’t” approach.

The fact is that if you think you can’t do something, it will subconsciously bring this into reality and make you under perform. However if you go into projects like “I can adapt and overcome any challenge that comes my way,” you will see such a huge difference.

Knowing this secret will make you never want to be negative again, because being negative will only bring negative results. So why not be positive?

The good news is, knowing this information means that we can use it to our advantage. We can use it to better ourselves and become the best person that we can be.

The longer we continue to have a negative attitude, the more time we are wasting to truly start living a good life, and everyone deserves a good life.

So lets keep a positive attitude and attack each day with an “adapt and overcome” mindset and witness how big of a difference it will make in your everyday life.

Keep your attitude positive my friends!

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Have you been to your breaking point? Comment what experiences make or break you.