you are what you focus on poem

You Are What You Focus On

You are what you focus on

So when you focus on being sad, that is what you are

But focusing on being happy, is really just as far

When you focus on poverty

That is where your mindset will be

And when you focus on success

You’ll be much better off you’ll see

Because you are what you focus on

Its only safe to say

That you better change your focus

If it’s not what you want today

For if you focus on the bad, the sad, and lack of wealth

That will be your story, position, and health

But if you focus on good, being happy, and the abundance of money

Then that is what will come back to you, quicker than a bunny

So be careful what you focus on, because that will be what you are

But if you focus with intention, you will become a star

A Poem By: Chris Paulino

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