How To Approach Customers At Your Dealership To Make Six Figures

Although you think it should be easy, learning how to approach customers at your dealership to make six figures it isn’t always the easiest task.

Customers have gotten into the habit of telling sales people, “I’m just looking, I’ll find you if I need help”, and a lot of the time there goes are opp. 

Time and time again, dealership sales people are trying to handle this problem, and some of them are failing.

The best way I’ve learned how to approach customers at your dealership is with a repeatable and purposeful sales process

Get An Approach That Works

In my opinion, the sales process that works the best and one of the reasons I made 6 figures when I was in dealership sales is outlined out below:

The 2 main things you want to accomplish in your greeting is to set your intentions early, and to lay out your buying process. The reason you want to do these 2 things is because your customers are scared of the unknown. 

People like to have a process and they like to go through a process that makes sense. 

Just as people have a process for their daily hygiene, work, kids schedule, and everything else, they want to follow a process when they purchase from a store. 

Most sales people don’t lay out their process in their greeting and it’s hurting their sales. 

Try This Approach With Your Dealerships Customers

Most salespeople will typically say, “Hi, welcome to the dealership, how can I help you?”.

Where the customer will return with, “We’re just looking”.

Next the sales person usually says, “Ok, let my know if you need any help.”, and they walk away. 

Instead of using the traditional greeting above and getting no where, try something like this; 

Sales Person — “Hi, welcome to our dealership. What can I help you find?” 

Customer —  “Nothing, we’re just looking”.

Sales Person — “Ok great. Have you ever purchased a unit from our dealership before”?

Customer — “No”.

Sales Person — “No problem. The way we do business at our dealership is we are a one price dealer. This means we don’t haggle and negotiate our prices. What we like to do is sit you down and ask you some questions about how, what, and why you’re looking for a new unit. Once we have a good idea of the type of product that will fit your needs exactly, we will take a look at our inventory and see if we have anything that lines up. If we don’t have anything that fits your needs, we won’t ask you to buy anything. If we do have a product that will fit your needs, then we will take it on a test drive and I will demo it for you. After the test drive and demo, we will come back in the store where I will put the numbers on paper for you. This way, you will know exactly what it will cost to buy the unit today. If the price lines up with what you’re looking to spend and the product meets your needs, then you will buy the car. If not, no big deal, we will keep looking till we find a unit that fits your needs perfectly. Does that sound fair enough”?

Here’s Why This Approach Works In Dealership Sales

By greeting your customer in this way, you’re doing a few different things.

  1. You get rid of the unknown in your sales process and tell them exactly what they will go through to do business with your dealership.
  2. You get a round about micro agreement from your customer to go through the sales process from the very beginning. 
  3. You set up the interview and qualify process by telling them you’re going to sit them down and ask who, what, and why they’re looking at new units while getting another round about micro agreement to go through the interview and qualify process.
  4. You set up the write up by telling them after the demo and test drive, you’re going to sit them down again and go over the numbers with them.
  5. You get another micro agreement to buy the unit if it fits their price and needs, and yet another micro agreement to keep looking with you as their sales person for the right unit if the first one you show them isn’t the exact unit they end up buying. 
  6. When you say, “Sound fair enough?” at the end of your greeting, your customer almost has to say “Yes, that sounds fair”, which is another micro agreement to go through your sales process AND buy the unit that is right for them when you find it.

Now, if you sit back and examine this greeting you will see a lot of purpose. You get multiple micro agreements to not only go through your sales process, but to buy the unit if it meets their needs and price. You lower your customers defenses by giving them a clear cut path on how you do business so you assure them you are not wasting their time. In addition to this, you show your customer you care about their needs by explaining why it is important to go through the sales process with you. (so you can get them the perfect unit that will meet all their needs)

After you implement a greeting like this and finish with “Sound fair enough”, you will find it is easier to get a good interview/qualify. You will find it is easier to present you customer numbers in a write up, and you will find it is easier to close the deal. 

Try a greeting like this at your dealership and stop being scared of approaching your customers. 

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