how to sell rvs at a rv show

How To Sell More RVs At A RV Show

Selling at a show can be difficult and different and as a RV sales person, you need to know how to sell more RVs at a RV show.

Some RV dealerships sell their units from their dealer locations and online, while other RV dealers sell at their locations, online, and at RV shows.

But what is the difference from selling RVs at a RV show and selling them at the dealership?

The biggest difference with selling RVs at a show rather than your dealership is you have A LOT of foot traffic.

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Some customers come to the RV show to look at the new units while others come to the show for entertainment.

The customers that we need to pay attention to are the customers who come to the RV show to get the best deal of the year on a new RV.

The problem?

It’s hard to distinguish which customers come to the RV show to buy and which ones come just to look at units.

If you spend your time with customers who are just looking at RVs and have no intention to buy then you won’t have a great show.

On the flip side, if you know how to look for buying signals in your show customers and talk to the right customers than you could have the RV show of a lifetime.

But how do you do this?

What buying signals can you see in these RV show customers?

What do RV show buyers do that looky loo’s don’t?

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In this blog you will learn how to identify buying signals from RV show customers so that you can spend more time talking to the right customers and less time with looky loos.

Here are a few strong buying signals from a RV show buyer:

  1. Buyers inspect the RV while lookers walk through the RV.
  2. Buyers ask financial and money questions while looky loo’s don’t.
  3. Buyers will sit in and discuss things about the RV for long periods of time while looky loo’s will walk through unit after unit with no purpose.
  4. Buyers will inquire with their kids and significant other about how your RV will meet their needs, while lookers will point out “cool features”.
  5. Buyers will ask towing capacity and truck questions about the RV while lookers will ask basic questions.
  6. Buyers will compare your RV to others in the show so they can decide which is the best RV for them to buy.

Buyers Inspect The RV While Looky Loo’s Walk Through The RV

When you’re selling at a RV show, talking to the right customers makes all the difference.

If you waste time with the wrong customers and let the buyers walk past your section then you’re going to have a tough RV show.

One thing to watch for with your RV show traffic is for the customers inspecting your RV.

If you see a couple, or a person walking quickly from one RV to the next, they’re more than likely just looking.

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The customers who are at the show to buy, are usually looking for a specific floor plan, and when they find it, they inspect the RV to see if it will work for them.

They look at the beds, open all the cabinets, and inquire about all the features.

They look at all the storage, compare the counter space, and look for all the features the need in their next RV.

Be sure to pay attention to the RV show traffic that are inspecting your RVs, because this is one of your buying signs.

Pro tip on how to sell more RVs at a RV show – don’t stop talking to buyers!

Buyers Ask Financial And Money Questions While Looky Loo’s Don’t

Be careful of the looky Loo’s because they will waste your time and the last thing you want is to waste time while you’re selling at a RV show.

Looky Loo’s will walk from RV to RV and ask basic questions or point out “cool features” while show buyers will ask finance and money questions.

If you have a RV show customer asking questions like, “How much will this RV cost me in a monthly payment?” or “What kind of term can you get on this RV?”

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If your RV show customers are asking you money and finance questions, then you have a good chance that you’re speaking to a RV show buyer.

Use these money and finance questions to move your RV show customer to a write up and a close.

When customers start asking money and finance questions, they’re getting ready to buy a RV and you don’t want to miss the buying signs.

Buyers Will Sit In And Discuss The RV While Lookers Go RV To RV

Ever seen a family sitting in your RV during a show and not talk to them?

This could of been a mistake, because buyers will sit in the RV with their family and friends and discuss how the RV will work for their adventures.

You will see the kids in the bunk house, claiming their bunks.

You will see the adults sitting on the couches and dinettes discussing the storage and where the coffee pot will go.

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These are signals of a RV show buyer and you need to pay attention to these.

People who are at a RV show to look, will go from RV to RV in a rather quick fashion.

While the RV show buyers will hang out with their friends and family and discuss how your RV will meet their needs.

RV Show Buyers Inquire About The RV With Their Kids And Significant Other

When you see parents asking their kids how they like the bunk house or if they have enough room in the living area, this could be a RV show buyer.

Your typical RV show looky Loo’s are simply there to look at features and different RVs.

They are going from a bunkhouse to a couples unit, and then from a motorhome to a fifth wheel.

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Your RV show buyers are taking their kids into only bunkhouses, and asking their kids what they think about the RV.

They will ask their significant other if they have enough storage, or if the RV is missing anything that they need.

When RV show customers are doing this, you have some buyers and you have to be able to recognize these buying signals.

Buyers Ask About Towing Weight And Have Truck Questions

As RV salespeople know, you can’t buy a RV if it won’t work with your tow vehicle.

When RV show customers are walking from RV to RV and never inquiring about weights or trucks, they usually have no intention to buy.

A RV show buyer will be asking questions like, “How much does this weigh?” or “Can you pull this RV with a half ton truck?”.

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Questions like this from your customers show that they have intention of maybe pulling this RV.

It shows your customer is curious about their truck and how your RV will feel behind it.

If customers are walking in RV after RV and asking questions about the “cool features” but never asking weight or towing questions, you may be with a looky Loo so you better be able to know the difference.

RV Show Buyers Will Compare Your Unit With Other RVs In The Show

When you have RV show customers who are making comparisons with your RV and a couple other RVs then you’re probably with buyers.

People who come to you and ask questions about this RV compared to a different brand, and compared to a different price, you’re with RV buyers.

These are the show customers that you need to pay attention to because they are the customers that are going to buy.

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When your customers are comparing 2 different units, they’re at their final buying stage and you have to close on this.

If they’re in your RV and comparing it to another and you let them leave, it might be the last time you see them.

You have to make sure to go for more than 5 no’s when these customers are in your RV because its time to close the deal.

Pay Attention To These Buying Signs To Sell More RV Show Units

When selling at a RV show, these are some of the buying signals that will help you not waste time.

Wasting your time at a RV show is the worst thing you can do, because you only have the allotted hours of the show to close RV deals and a RV show can make or break your sales year.

Make sure when you sell at your next RV show, that you pay attention to these buying signals and you will sell more RVs!

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