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During The New Digital Front Website Marketing Is Crucial.

Below are 6 of the most asked questions about Website Marketing

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What Is Website Marketing?

Short Answer

Website marketing is a collection of everything that you do in order to get your website more traffic, web rank, and overall web presence.

There are many different avenues in order to increase the effectiveness of your website marketing.

Things such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, content creation, pay per click ads and even retargeting are all part of a great web marketing strategy.

When your website is marketed correctly it is a huge benefit to your business because customers will start finding you from avenues you never knew of.

Website marketing also allows your business to:

  • Build customer relationships
  • Drive customer acquisition cost down
  • Target the right customers for your business
  • See better results for lower cost
  • More

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What Website Content Management System (CMS) Should I Use?

Short Answer

When it comes to building your website there are many different content management systems out there that you can use.

Now, when picking which CMS is right for you to use there are many different things to think about.

If you know HTML & CSS our favorite CMS to work with is WordPress.

Wordpress allows you to customize just about anything you want on your website, it doesn't have a monthly cost, and there is a plugin for just about anything that you can think of. The downside to WordPress is that it's a little more advanced to use, so it can be confusing if you have no clue what you're doing.

Another great CMS that you can use is Square Space. Square Space is a little easier to use if you have no clue what you're doing because of the very easy to use WYSIWYG editor. Although Square Space is not as customizable as WordPress, it's a great CMS to use.

For people that are selling products, or services on their website you might also want to check out Shopify. Shopify is a very powerful website shop builder that looks great, is easy to use, and has great support. The downside is that you do have a monthly payment to keep your Shopify website live.

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What Information Should Be On My Website?

Short Answer

The information on your website is very important if you want people to engage with you online.

One of the biggest things to ensure that you have on your website is your real contact information. People will trust you much more if you provide them with your phone number, email, street address, and other contact info. This information ensures to your customer that you are a real business, and not an online scam.

Another great thing to have on your website is reviews for your business. People love hearing what others think about their experience with your product/service. When you show people great reviews about your product/service they will be more likely to try it out!

Some other information that you should have on your website is:

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Informational Content That Educates Your User</li
  • Great Looking Images
  • Easy To Read Webpages
  • More

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What Are The Benefits Of A Great Website?

Short Answer

Having a great website can have several awesome benefits for your product/service. One of the best benefits from having a great website is the ability to get free web traffic from search engines. Search engine traffic is one of the best ways in order to acquire new customers, and build brand recognition.

Another awesome benefit from having a great website is being able to generate leads from people all over the world. Traditional marketing avenues can make it hard for you to talk to people outside of your primary region... But with a great website you can talk to thousands of people from all over the world, at the same time. (Powerful Beyond Belief)

Some more benefits of having a great website are:

  • Increased Brand Recognition
  • Gives You An Online Storefront
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Improves Customer Service
  • More

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What Does My Website Need To Do In Order To Get The Best Results?

Short Answer

In order to get the best results your website needs to do a variety of things. One of the first things you should do is make sure that your content is designed to provide a great user experience.

Providing a great user experience with your content will ensure that search engines love to send free traffic to your website.

Another thing you can do to ensure the best results is to make sure that your website has enough lead paths, and buttons in order to convert your traffic into leads.

Some other ways in order to ensure the best results for your website are:

  • Provide Free Resources For Email Sign-Ups
  • Show Contact Info In Your Header
  • Provide Customer Service On Your Website
  • More

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Are Websites Free?

Short Answer

If you're not worried about looking super professional, and are just starting out than there is such a thing as a free website. Website builders like Wix, WordPress, Blogspot, and even Google My Business allow you to create a basic, free website.

These free web builders usually look very basic compared to a professionally done website, and they are usually very limited in what they can do for you.

These free websites are also hosted by the website builder that you choose, which means that your domain's URL will look something like this

Although these websites are easy to make, and free, they are really only for beginning users, and small time blog writers. If you're looking for a professional website, than you will not be able to get a free website. (It'll Be Worth Your Money)

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