Is Search Engine Optimization Free?

Free SEO... Highly Unlikely.

We're sure you've heard the phrase, "You get what you pay for"... And well, it's also true with SEO. Now sure, if you're an expert at SEO, and you don't count time as money than you could say SEO is free. But the fact of the matter is that great SEO is a specialized knowledge, and it takes time to implement, therefore it's not free at all.

Reasons Why SEO Is Not Free

  • Specialized Knowledge That Takes Studying and Trial/Error To Understand.
  • Great Web Content & SEO Strategy Takes Time.
  • Free SEO Could Be Hurting You Badly.

is search engine optimization free

Specialized Knowledge That Takes Studying and Trial/Error To Understand.

laptop with search engine optimization principles showing on the screen with a guy holding a pen
Search Engine Optimization, often when you mention that term to people they will not even know what you're talking about.

There has even been times when we were asked if we did SEO services, than they followed by asking about paid Google search ADs. (Like They're The Same Thing)

Another big thing you see with SEO is many different people claiming they do SEO, but than you see very little results. We have seen this time, and time again when meeting with new clients.

And frankly it's because SEO is harder than you may think...

To truly understand the deep depths of SEO, you have to know how to create amazing content, target different keywords, obtain back links, properly tag your web content, and so much more.

With all of that to be proficient at SEO is really just like everything else in life... And that means you have to be doing it for a while before you're really an expert.

Truth is, it takes years of testing different content in order to find out the many different tricks of great search engine optimization.

Not to mention, when you throw in the fact of how tedious SEO is you can quickly start to understand why search engine optimization is not free.

Great Web Content & SEO Strategy Takes Time.

We have all seen those websites that were built by a newer website builder. Now we're not throwing shade here, because we all know that everyone starts from the beginning.

But with that being said, you would probably not want that beginner to do your website, content, or SEO because if they did:

  • Your website would most likely not have the best copy writing.
  • It's a high chance they aren't doing the proper keyword research.
  • Your content may be created with no plan on the target keyphrase on each page.
  • Web content could be improperly tagged.
  • ETC

When you have all of these problems, and maybe even some that we didn't name you can guarantee that your SEO rank won't be the greatest.

On the other side of the coin, if you hire experts that have been working with search engine optimization for years you could see a huge upside.

This huge upside comes from these experts understanding SEO on a level that beginners just can't grasp. Experts in SEO have probably made hundreds, if not thousands of webpages in order to see what SEO tactics work, and which ones don't.

This additional experience usually equates to:

  • Very precise webpages that serve a purpose.
  • Meta tags/Microdata added correctly.
  • Content that reads much easier.
  • More SEO Friendly content.
  • Content built with keywords in mind.
  • ETC

Experts in any field are experts for a reason, and if not for any other reason than that, you'll always get what you pay for.

Free SEO Could Be Hurting You Badly.

When you don't take your search engine optimization serious and you go for the cheap, or even free SEO plan it could really be hurting your business, and here's why.

Free or cheap SEO usually has all of the problems that we have been talking about on this page, and when you allow these problems to persist over a period of time it becomes a nightmare.

Because Instead Of

  • Showing Up When People Search Keywords
  • Setting Your Business To Show Up For Increased Keywords
  • Creating Content That Gives Value To The User
  • Tagging All Of Your Content Correctly
  • ETC

You're most likely wasting time by building web content that:

  • Only explains your business and is not meant to provide value to a user.
  • Focuses on multiple keywords per page, which is a very bad SEO technique.
  • Has the wrong meta data, or even no meta data to add search engine value.
  • Doesn't focus on any keyword at all.
  • ETC

And the longer you keep focusing on content that is not going to be friendly to search engines... The longer you wait for the chance to get real website traffic.

Because when you actually show up in a lot of different search engine results how much website traffic you receive will surprise you.

Now it's time for a celebration because you're done with this resource!

In the meantime... We would love to hear what you think about this resource, Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!