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Today, Dealerships of all kind are having a hard time keeping up with digital marketing.

I mean think about it...

It's hard enough to keep up with changing inventory, customer sales, and everything else a GM has to account for.

Let alone ensure that you're posting on Facebook daily, while keeping your digital presence alive.

But, when you work with IMR you never have to worry about your digital marketing again.

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But First, Why Is Dealership Marketing So Important?

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Dealership marketing is so important to your business because without marketing it is much harder to get in front of your customers.

What Good Is A Product/Service If No-One Knows About It?

No matter if you're a car dealership, RV dealership, or anything in between, people need to find your business in order to buy your product.

The truth is that it really doesn't matter how good your product/service is if no-one really knows about them.

Here are 5 huge reasons to have dealership marketing for your product/service:

  1. Brand Recognition
  2. Customer Service
  3. Social Environment
  4. Be Viral Capable
  5. Realness

1. Brand Recognition

Can you think about that time that your friend asked you "Hey, you know that business called (Business Name Here)", and you responded with...

"Nope, I've never heard of them before."

Which really isn't your fault, I mean come on, how are you suppose to know every business in the world. Right?

Yes, we absolutely agree with you, and in fact the reason that you haven't heard of the said business above is because they have little brand recognition.

When a business has little brand recognition they are most likely not living up to their full potential, and this is one huge reason why you need dealership marketing.

Marketing your dealership, product, or service on the proper channels will ensure that your business is being recognized. (Which Is Great For You)

Now, what are the best ways for you to increase your brand recognition with digital marketing? (We're Glad You Asked)

First, let's just start by saying that Brand Recognition is not just how easy you are to find, or what social network sites you're on.

But, it's also how good your logo looks, what people are saying about you on Google reviews, and so much more.

The best way to have great brand recognition is...

To care, and think about everything that you do for your business, while getting in front of as many people as possible.

This means that your logo has to look great, your website easy to use, your business should be showing up in Google searches, and you should be on the important social networks.

On top of that, you should also be putting out great content for your customers to enjoy, videos that engage your audience, and customer service that is impeccable.

We know what you're thinking, that sounds like a lot of work, and that is because it is! (Super Worth It)

2. Customer Service

Now I know what you're thinking.

"Customer service, how is my dealership marketing connected with customer service at all?"

And it's because the new wave of marketing is pretty awesome. Social Media allows your dealership marketing to directly turn into comments, or even direct messages.

These social interactions are amazing for your business, and allow for even better customer service.

First, when a customer puts a comment onto your boosted post, or promotional AD it allows you to engage your customer.

When engaging your customer, you can help with questions, leave a friendly comment, and sometimes even convert new business.

Engaging your customer in this way will allow for a very transparent view on you, and will therefore encourage new customers from all over.

Also, talking to your customer on social media is a great way to encourage more shares, likes, and comments on your promotion.

It's a win for both you, and your customer.

It Goes Down In The DM.

The best thing that can happen for you on the customer service, aka social media, is for a potential customer to send you a direct message.

This is great for your business because many of the times it ends with booking an appointment, selling an item, or pointing someone in the right direction.

All of these things will make your customers love you because they get speedy responses, and always have reliable help.

Treat your customers like they want to be treated, and give them social media customer service because it has extreme benefit to your service/product.

3. Social Environment

We live in a word in which you are fed ads no matter what you're doing.

No matter if you're just scrolling on Facebook, or searching Google, there are ADs everywhere.

And because of this, people are really starting to hate being pitched to, especially when they are enjoying leisure time.

Welcome To The Social Age.

This new age of business relies very heavily on customers wanting more from the people the spend their money with.

You can no longer just put out a bunch of promotional ADs and think people will respond just because it looks good.

In this new age people are expecting a business to give them helpful, fun, and informational material via your social networks, blog, and even website.

A great advantage for providing this to your customer is that when they enjoy the content you put out, or the fun social post on your Facebook they begin to build a rapport with you.

And we all know that building rapport is a great way to keep, build, and increase your business customer base.

Social Media Is King.

Using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media outlets in order to increase your business is one of the best things that you can do.

Whether it's creating a stunning video about your product for Youtube, or introducing an epic picture for Instagram to see, your customers will love it.

Creating this content will encourage customers to share your video, interact with your pictures, and really just become part of the social ecosystem of your business.

Once customers are apart of your social ecosystem they will become customers when they are ready, and they will continue to support your product/service for longer.

Therefore it's a very smart move for your business/product to set up your social environment today. (If You Haven't Already)

4. Be Viral Capable

There's nothing worse than trying to find, or share information about a great product you own, but to find out they have no website or anything to share.

It is at this moment when your business misses out on a lot of potential.

When your business does not have a website that is set up to convert leads, or even keep people on your site it really hurts.

Google Is A Thing...

Also when you do not have a site, you will not be able to be found in Organic google searches, and this is a big mistake for your business.

We all know how much Google is used in our everyday lives. I mean think about it, you may have even googled something to get here.

But if your business/product is not showing up when people are searching for you, than you miss out on a lot of money.

Another reason you want to be found when people search google is because organic traffic is the best traffic to have, and once you have organic traffic, it's free!

Yes, that's right. Complexly free traffic for a very long time coming. (If You Keep Producing Content)

Not Every Swing Is A Homerun.

When you produce enough content to be viral capable you're not going to see huge results from everything you put out.

The thing is, when you do hit that home run from a video that you created, or a piece of content that goes viral, it can be magic.

But if your business is not creating videos, or new blog post, or new social media interactions, than you will have a very low chance of going "viral".

And the ability to not go viral is a terrible thing for any business/product out there today

Therefore it's a good idea for your business to start producing content in order to go viral, because once it happens you will understand why it's so important.

5. Realness

Customers today want to know that you're a real company.

I mean think about it, with the amount of scams out there today it's no wonder that people are so skeptical.

Therefore when they search for a business, the first thing they are going to do is look up how legit that business/product is.

They will look for your contact information, whether you have a website, and even what you're posting on social media.

All of these factors will go into whether they choose you for business or not.

It's very important that customers in the digital age know that you're real, and not another scammer.

That is why you should have a good looking website with your contact information on it.

It's also why you should be on social media answering questions, and interacting with your customers.

Last but not least, it's also why you should have blogs, and information about your product/service so that customers never even doubt how legit you are.

Being Real Is A Huge Benefit.

Customers that sense you are real from the start are more likely to start doing business with you.

It's because they actually trust you now!

Building that trust, and realness with your customer will benefit you because your customers are now becoming your business friend.

This new friendship you are forming will turn into continued support, more sales, and broader reach.

Therefore in today's business it's very important for your customers to know that you are real in order to maximize results.

As You Can See

Marketing for your dealership is important for a number of reasons.

Other than the above reasons, you can think of so many more benefits to marketing your business/product.

But, to get the right marketing team for your dealership it usually cost you a pretty penny.

And that is where IMR comes in!

Dealership Marketing Done For You.

Digital. Social. Daily.

IMR is an internet marketing solution for your dealership.

We will work with you in order to design a strategy to get the results you're looking for.

Our team is experts at using digital marketing in order to grow your reach, and bring you more leads.

Therefore, When You Work With Us We Will:

  • Build Your Website
  • Post On Your Facebook Daily
  • Build Your Youtube Account
  • Continuously Add Pages To Your Website For SEO Value
  • Run Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns
  • And More
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The problem for many dealerships out there is that they do not have the proper budget in order to hire an entire marketing department.

I mean for just a website designer, and Facebook manager you're looking at over $100,000 each year. (A Huge Investment)

But to be completely honest, you need a digital marketing team in today's age.

So how do you get the entire dealership marketing team, without spending a huge amount?

Will Fill The Void.

IMR will replace the need for your dealership to have an expensive digital marketing team.

Because we already have a team of experts in place, you will not have to go through the headache of hire the right people.

Also, IMR has a no contract, no obligation policy.

Therefore, if you do not like our services, than you can cancel at ANY time.

So what do you have to lose? Contact IMR today, and let's start your dealership marketing strategy.