What Is A Dealership Marketing Agency?

A Dealership Marketing Agency Helps Your Dealership:


  • Get Customer Leads Using Your Website and Online Marketing
  • Manage Ad Campaigns So You're Spending Your Marketing Budget Efficiently
  • Grow Online Brand and Reach Using Marketing
  • Create and Facilitate Customers Targeted Promotions
  • Future Strategy and Marketing Campaigns To Stay Ahead Of The Competition
  • And More...

Every dealership relies on marketing to stay in front of their target customer, but not all dealerships use a dealership marketing agency. Some dealerships choose to hire their marketing team in house, while other dealerships use third party agencies. Both have their ups and downs so it all depends on your dealerships needs. While hiring a team in house team can be amazing it can be counter productive if you hire the wrong people and can waste a lot of time and money.

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The same thing can be said if you hire the wrong marketing agency but the advantage you have with an agency is they're less expensive and less of a commitment than hiring your own team. If the agency brings your dealership a positive ROI you keep them, if they don't you find another agency. Dealerships could even benefit from using multiple marketing agencies so they have all their bases covered while focusing on ROI. For example, you hire a marketing agency that specializes in Facebook, and another agency that specializes in SEO, etc. If you focus on the ROI from each agency and be sure each agency is bringing a positing ROI then it's a win-win for everyone, but if one of the agencies don't bring ROI, move on to the next.

It is a lot easier to move on to the next agency or agencies, than it is to fire and hire a new team and a lot less expensive. On the flip side, if you have your own marketing team in house you can have a little more control of the marketing as a whole. So what is better for your dealership? The truth is, it all comes to to your dealerships needs. If you're a big dealership with multiple locations, it might be easier to manage your marketing from a corporate location. While if you're a smaller dealership it can be more efficient and profitable to use an agency than to hire your own marketing team.

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The questions you should ask yourself when considering to hire your own team or a dealership marketing agency have a lot to do with your resources. How many people can you hire for your marketing team? Is the answer only 1 or 2? If so, it might be better to look for an agency because they have teams of people for the price a dealership would pay for 1 or 2 employees. But if you have a big budget and a team of people who are focused on your marketing strategy, hiring a team might make more sense.

If your dealership is thinking about hiring a team or marketing agency then it never hurts to talk. Our dealership marketing agency is focused on keeping your dealership in front of your target audience so you can beat your competition. One of the best things about our dealership marketing agency is we won't work with your competition, so they will never be able to catch back up. Schedule a call or send a message to start the conversation.