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Nurture your audience, convert prospects into customers, to buyers into loyal fans.

Below are 6 of the most asked questions about Email Marketing.

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What Is Email Marketing?

Short Answer

Email Marketing is the process of sending emails that are hyper-targeted to a group or groups of people.

Typically, businesses use email marketing to generate leads, cultivate relationships, and maintain a customer database. Due to the advancement of the internet, email has become a statically growing tool for direct marketing.

Nearly, 85% of U.S. retailers reported having more customer acquisition than any other internet marketing tactic, as reported by

There are several internet marketing tactics such as social media, websites, and even blogs. However, email marketing is a powerful tool that every business should utilize with tactic and creativity.
- Extended Response Answer

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What Is So Important About Email Marketing?

Short Answer

Email marketing is important because it’s the most direct strategy you can execute to create leads and connect with people.

One of the most valuable aspects of business is relationship, arguably, it’s one of the most important factors. In order to maintain relationships consistent contact is important.

Many businesses use email marketing to build their community and offer special deals for new prospects. Suggestive marketing is perfect within any email marketing strategy. Keep in mind that email marketing is important as a strategy but within it’s purity, it’s a valuable space for personality and transparentness.

As within any company, your audience cares about changes being made or special announcements that have a personal touch.

Being open and honest about your company through email marketing is a great way to cultivate a growing relationship with your customer base.- Extended Response Answer

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Does Email Marketing Work?

Short Answer

Yes, email marketing can absolutely be evolutionary to your business. But how you use it will make all the difference.

In order to be effective in your email marketing efforts you want to identify your intention, your audience, their values and your values, what type of content you’d like to produce, the frequency of your emails, the demeanor you want to have, and a few other factors that we’ll review in the extended answers.

More than 44% of a companys revenue and customer retention comes from email marketing. So does email marketing work, yes? But being intentional about your motives is important. For instance, what is the type of messaging you want to have? Do you want to offer discounts or have direct selling implemented?

There’s a lot to consider. Just note that email marketing is definitely a needed tool to expand your business, cultivate your audience, generate leads and maintain customer retention. - Extended Response Answer

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What Are Some Email Marketing Tools?

Short Answer

There are several tools that are helpful to jump start your email marketing strategy. We provided a full review of three that have been the must helpful to us and our clients.

These tools are meant to help you keep track of your email performance, campaigns, and to help grow your audience. Some tools such as Mailchimp, can even help you collect data and send out surveys.

As you're using these tools, take advantage of automation, templates, and the content organizer.

Email marketing is easy to implement but you must do the preliminary work to see results. Which means investing into the right email marketing tools for your goals, strategizing your copy and visual elements, and lastly curating your message within each campaign.

There are third party applications that will help your email marketing strategy. Such as Hubspot, which is a CRM that helps you organize your leads. - Extended Response Answer

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What Is Email Marketing Strategy?

Short Answer

Email Marketing strategy is the development of a marketing campaign designed and curated within email form. The objective is to produce satisfactory results based on company goals.

Each strategy has it’s own metrics, however must businesses develop an email marketing strategy to build community, advertise an event, regular engagement, or to survey current customers on their services/products.

No matter your intended goal, it’s vital to implement a email marketing strategy. Designing a stemless plan of action will help you to generate more leads and engagement overall. Consider the tools you will use, subscriber management, copy/design delivery, scheduling, and data tracking.

Every part of your strategy matters, even down to how you phrase your email subject line. The more creative and engaging your subject line, the more opens to conversions. Yea, there’s a lot to consider. But in order to get you started fill out this guided questionnaire: (our extended answer will help you answer these too.)

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are you doing now to collect emails? What are other ways you haven’t tried?
  • What’s an ideal schedule, based off how you organize your internet marketing?
  • What kind of emails do you want to send?
  • What kind of graphics will you use to capture your audience?

- Extended Response Answer

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What Is The Best Way To Use Email Marketing?

Short Answer

There are several ways to use email marketing effectively. First and foremost answering the questions above about your business goals will help get you started.

Email marketing is a great tool to use along with your social media marketing. The best way to use your email marketing is being intentional and executing on:

  • Nurturing your audience and creating personalization
  • A lead generation system
  • Streamlining your marketing with the right content and using automation
  • Understanding your audience and their needs, encourage feed back
  • Giving away special offers
  • Survey your audience for feed back

- Extended Response Answer

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