What Is So Important About Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Is So Important...

Because it’s one of the most highly targeted methods to reach the audience you actually want. We all know social media is another great resource for reaching various people. But email marketing is a bullet proof system. Why? Because people who subscribe to your email list will only be people who actually care about the product/services you’re offering. Whereas, with social media, it’s harder to gauge any followers intention.

Email Marketing Is A Direct Path To Customer Engagement

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Without a doubt data will show you that people don’t waste their time subscribing to an email unless they have a genuine interest in a business. After potential customer express an interest its your job as the business, to keep them intrigued. Keeping them engaged, in a genuine way, leads to sells and shares.

There are a number of reasons why email marketing in 2020 is so important. Beyond making a sell, customer acquisition and building community are two of the leading reasons you need a functional email marketing strategy today. But other reasons to start using email marketing as an online tactic is:

Personalize your messaging for better response rates and engagement

  • Personalize your messaging for better response rates and engagement
  • No upfront fees to start
  • Gives you the ability to reach more people for free
  • It connects you with more buyers than social media
  • Targeted messaging that last longer

The primary goal is to use email marketing to nurture your audience. Every month you want to give them a reason to stay engaged to your business. Offer updates, special announcements, coupons, and any other fun personalized features. Use social media as a way to promote email subscriptions. The best way to nurture a community is to gather them in one location that’s private and streamlined. Email marketing is the answer.

Bonus: Your emails should always lead your audience to engage with you on social media and your website.

Email Is Important For Customer Acquisition

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Customer acquisition is the process of attracting new customer to your business. We like to call it the ‘buy-in’ process. This is your opportunity to get them to buy-in into your product or services. Their buy-in process isn’t to sell but to simply peak their interest. How you go about doing this can make or break your next sell.

As with any other marketing strategy, acquisition marketing has a very specific function. It’s a strategy that’s directly targeted to new customers. The tricky part about customer acquisition is unintentionally involving your current customers. You obviously don’t want to do this. They’re already invested into your service/product.

In order to avoid this mistake, organize your potential customers within the email marketing tool you’re using. For instance, MailChimp allows users to create specific lists of emails. Must tools have a similar feature. So create a list of new customers only. That way you don’t involve them.

Create Intentional Awareness Through Customer Acquisition

There are a number of ways and steps to take in order to gain the interest of a potential customer. However, there are basic steps and information you should know about acquisition marketing.

  • Getting In Front Of Your Ideal Client
  • Providing Attractive And Worthy Information To Gain Interest
  • Giving Them Something Tangible For Free Or Discounted
  • Follow Up Process (Lead To Customer To Promoter)

Your first point of contact with a potential customer probably won’t be through email. More than likely they probably engaged with you online. Perhaps through social media or your website. Regardless of how they found you, in order to leverage that first point of contact, you must have a solid presence already. Meaning your website, photos, blog, videos and beyond have to be on point. Because how you market on your website or social media is your first point of interest.

We all know the first impression means everything and if you want to them to eventually become a email subscriber, then your online presence has to be organized and visually dynamic.

Get In Front Of Your Ideal Client

Once you’ve establish a better online presence, the next thing to consider is how you’re getting in front of your ideal audience. This could be through Facebook Ads, Instagram, or events. The best way to get in front of your ideal client is to meet them where they already are. Meaning, if they’re people that visit Pinterest often for new DIY ideas, then you should be on Pinterest religiously.

Provide Attractive And Worthy Information To Gain Interest

Once your ideal customer is aware of your product or service it’s time to start the acquisition process. There is a lot of value in someones attention, even if its only for five minutes. Why? Because at this point they are really considering making some sort of commitment to your product or service. This could look like following your social media, subscribing tot your blog, or even bookmarking your podcast. Within this stage, this individual is interested and will take action in a very small way.

Give Them Something Tangible For Free Or Discounted

Since you have their attention, offer them something for free or discounted. Be careful on how you go about doing this though. Because you don’t want to be so obvious that you want their business right away. We suggested something less abrasive. For example, offer a free pdf download that’s packed with tips. If you want to do this right, don’t offer it as soon as someone visits your website. Create a time pixel on your website that only takes action if they’ve scrolled to the end of the page.

If you need help creating that pixel, book a strategy call with us, (scroll to the end of this page).

Follow Up Process (Lead To Customer To Promoter)

Okay, so we are assuming a lot here but lets assume they loved your blog and they’ve given you their email to get that amazing pdf download packed with tips. You’ve officially turned them into a lead. Now is your time to get to know them. Send them a follow up email, welcoming them to your community (not your business, that’s to sales-ie). There are a number of ways to nurture this new lead. You could send them a survey about what they might want more help on or even ask a question. Regardless of what you have them do, nurture that new lead.

Don’t be afraid to be authentic as your nurturing your leads within your email marketing. This is your opportunity to be open with them about your products/services. Get their opinion, offer discounts, and get them active on your social media by holding contest. Once you have their attention slowly start getting them active with your brand. As you get your customers involved, they feel a sense of ownership. When a customer feels that, they become your promoters to their friends and family. This is the perfect sweet spot you want to position your into.

Building A Community With Email Marketing Is Important

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Often times we hear business owners complain about their lack of ROI with email. They go on to mention that social media is a better outlet for them and their audience.

We understand that this could very well be a reality for a lot of business owners. But we challenge you to really audit how you’re using your email marketing. Are you really giving it your all? With most business is the answer is no, but we can help you change that.

Social media is an amazing resource but this industry can and will change how they allow businesses to engage with various audiences. Which means they essentially control how you engage, when you engage and so on. Why would you give Facebook or Instagram that much power over how you engage with your audience?

In order to combat this issue, we suggest using email marketing to maintain, nurture, and engage with your audience. Email marketing alone is such a valuable way to communicate with your audience.

In order to properly nurture your community, you should have a vivid presence on social media and email. You want to build their trust on social media and nurture them with email marketing.

Use Email Marketing To Nurture And Sell, Don’t Be Annoying

No one likes to get emailed every day. The more you email the less valuable your messaging becomes. So be very careful about how frequent your emailing. The only time back to back emails work is during the holidays or special count downs to a sell. Other than those two situations reframe from emailing too often.

Hopefully, by now you should be wondering how to nurture an amazing community?

Messaging and Content Quality

Building a quality community starts with you. The way you communicate with your audience, the type of content and even what you say will determine how your audience engages. So there’ s a lot of pressure to get this right. But once you’ve developed a useful system the easier this will become.

Leverage Your Audiences Interest

Each email should peak the interest of your audience. Well how do you do this without doing too much assuming? Ask them. Yes, that’s right, just ask. Because as you’re sending out emails and reviewing your insights, you’ll see that people engage differently. In order to understand their engagement, simply ask them how they would prefer to be email and what types of content would they like to see?

Not only is this refreshing for them but it always saves you time in sending out information that really isn’t valuable to your audience. Whenever you pose a question to your audience, make it your business to respond back. Acknowledgment is flattering and keeps your customers engaged. Use their feedback as an outline for your email marketing. If they want more concise email information then provide that. If they want to hear more about the clients your impacting, create a ‘impact’ section on your emails.

The More Targeted Your Messaging, The Better Your ROI Will Be

Encourage Action — Even Through Social Media, Website To Email

Once you have a better idea of your audiences interests you want to keep them engaged by encouraging them to take action. The action they take can be as simple as responding back to your.

But in order to see a real return encourage them to do things like read your blog, answer a question, download your ebook, or even enter a code win a prize at the end of the week. Every time you encourage them to take action you essentially nurturing your relationship with them. People love to have fun and engage.

There’s a sense of responsibility with formatting these various actions. Meaning, if you don’t have a blog, you should probably start one asap. If you haven’t created a free downloadable worksheet, you probably should. Hopefully, creating a general sell won’t be too time consuming. Once you’ve created a few ways to capture email and follow up actions then you should see a big difference in how your audience engages with you.

Email Marketing Is So Important To The Success Of Your Business

As you can tell email marketing is more than just sending out an email about product promotions. It’s a useful tool to acquire and maintain your clientele. We believe in order to cultivate a quality community of customers that freely promote and buy your product, you must incorporate email marketing into your marketing strategy.

As previously mention, email marketing is a value tool for customer acquisition and building a community. There are other advantages of email marketing but these two advantages are among the most important.

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