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In This Dealership Sales Training Webinar You Will Learn:

  • An Introduction That Promotes A 1 Day Close
  • Fundamentals Of Dealership Sales So You Can Close More Deals
  • Following Up To Be A Top Performer
  • How To Learn Your Customers True Emotions & Ask The Right Questions
  • Overcoming Any Objection In Dealership Sales
  • Ways To Get Past 5 No's To Get A Yes
  • And More...

When you're in dealership sales, your sales process matters. To be a top performer at any dealership you have to know the fundamentals of dealership sales. This webinar will go over these sales fundamentals. From using the proper introduction to set up a 1 day close, all the way to overcoming objections and closing the sale. If you want to be a top performer at your dealership then you better make sure your sales process can help you achieve your goal.

Close Sales Like A Top Performer w/ The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

The introduction is such a pivotal part to any dealership sale because it is where you set your intentions and explain your buying process. If your customers don't understand that you want to sell them a unit today or what your dealership sales process is then your sale starts off on the wrong foot. Your dealership customers want to know what process they're going to go through and they need to be able to trust you. The introduction is where you make this happen.

Once you complete a strong introduction, the next step is to interview and qualify your customer. When you interview and qualify your customer you have to understand that customers buy with emotion and justify with logic. If you can't learn your customers true emotions, needs, and wants in the interview and qualify then you probably won't get the sale. That is why it is extremely important to understand that your customers buy with emotion and justify with logic.

Start Closing More Customer Leads With The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

The best way to learn your customers true emotions, needs, and wants is to ask who, what, when, where, why, and how questions. When you start a sentence with these words it will make your customer explain their emotions in more detail. When you take it a step further and go past surface level, your customer will truly be telling you their deepest needs, wants, and emotions. The biggest mistake you can make as a salesperson is to have a poor interview and qualify and this webinar will teach you how to have an interview and qualify that sets you up for success.

Now that we understand our customers true needs, wants, and emotions from the interview and qualify. We have to demo 1-3 units that fit their needs perfectly. We don't want to show too many units to our customer, because all that means is we don't truly understand their emotions and it will confuse them. Customers don't come to a professional salesperson for 1,000 options that somewhat address their emotions. They come to you for 1 option that solves their problems perfectly. Don't get in the habit of showing too many units to your dealership customers because every unit you show, makes it harder to close the sale.

Close More Customers Than Ever Before w/ The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

After we find the perfect unit for our customer, we have to demo our unit. The demo is where you will want to sell your product using emotion and connect your units features to your customers emotion. By connecting your unit to your customers emotion in the demo, your customer will start to see value in your product and will get excited about the purchase. If you want your customers to buy from your dealership then you have to make sure they value your unit more than their money, and the only way to do that is with emotion.

After you go through the demo and connect it to your customers emotions, next is the write up. No product in history has ever been sold without a write up so its important to get a write up for 100% of the customers you demo. If you give a customer a demo and you don't give them a write up, you will never close a deal and you will waste a lot of time. Get in the habit of writing up 100% of your customers and you will be one step closer to closing the sale.

Naturally when you present your numbers to the customer, they will always have an objection. Dealership customers love giving objections because they hate change. Even through your dealerships unit is exactly what they need, they will be scared to make the purchase. As a salesperson you have to understand this so you can overcome their objections and get the deal done. The best way to overcome an objection is to sidestep it and not meet it head on. The best word track I've learned to sidestep an objection is, "I hear what you're saying but let me ask you this". When you use this word track it allows you to sidestep your customers objection and go write back to selling to their emotions, which is how you close a deal.

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After you overcome your customers objections and close the sale, next we have to get a customer review. Consumers are looking to customer reviews to find the dealerships and salespeople they want to work with and if you're not taking advantage of this then you're making a mistake.

As you start getting more reviews and closing more deals, you will now have to follow up with new customer leads and past customers to start the process over again. Time changes and so does your customers needs. If you're not following up with your customer leads and past customers then it will be hard for you to be a top performer. Top performers always have a lot of activity in terms of follow up and if you want to be a top performing dealership salesperson then you will have to do the same.

Give Your Customers An Experience They Will Remember Using Sell More Live More

In the Sell More Live More Free Dealership Sales Training Webinar you will learn a sales process from A-Z that is designed for top performers. This webinar will teach you how to follow up with leads, set appointments, go through a 1 day close sales cycle, and get more reviews to create more happy customers.

If you want to be a top performer at your dealership but lack in your sales process then this webinar is perfect for you. This dealership sales training webinar is perfect for any dealership salesperson, sales manager, or GM that wants their sales team to close more deals. So if you want to close deals like a top performer then watch and implement the Sell More Live More sales process from this webinar.


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