Dealership Sales During COVID-19

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In This Episode Of Dealership Digest You Will Learn:

  • Making The Most Out Of Your Dealership Sales During COVID-19
  • Auditing Your Budget So You Can Market Efficiently During COVID-19
  • How COVID-19 Will Change The Future Of Dealerships

COVID-19 has made an impact on dealerships throughout the world. Dealerships are seeing zero foot traffic, scared customers, and are having to lay off employees because of the Coronavirus.

Some dealerships are creating a digital sales process so they can continue to provide for their customers and sell, while other dealerships are crawling to the corner.

The truth is, the strong survive in life and in dealerships and how your dealership handles COVID-19 will shape your future.

Train On The Sell More Live More Sales Process During Coronavirus

The first thing your dealership should do during COVID-19 is audit your marketing budget to accommodate for the times.

If your marketing is telling your customers to visit your lot, or call the dealership and nobody is there to meet their needs, you will have a problem.

The best way to conduct a deal during Coronavirus is digitally.

You can do an entire deal over the phone and deliver the unit so your customers can still keep their social distance while still getting the unit and service they need.

Close More Deals Digitally With The Sell More Live More Sales Process

If your marketing budget isn't focused on creating a digital lead for your sales team during COVID-19 then you're probably spending inefficiently. Be sure to audit your marketing so your dealership can be as efficient as possible during these trying times. 

It's never been more important for your dealership to be running as lean and efficient as possible. If your dealership can find a way to serve your customer while keep sales steady, you will be much better off when things get back to normal. If you can't, your dealership may never get back to normal.

Train Using An Efficient Sales Process At Your Dealerships Using Sell More Live More

The Coronavirus is changing the way dealerships are operating around the world and is probably a wake up call for a lot of them. 

The world as we know it is transitioning into a digital world and the dealerships who don't adapt, won't survive.

When things get back to normal and customers are used to shopping in a more digital way, how will it effect your dealership? 

Will your dealership be ready to adapt to the changes and service a more digital customer. Or will your dealership stick to older methods and go extinct? 

The Coronavirus is changing the way the world operates and you have to make sure your dealership is ready. 

Use this time as a way to focus on servicing your digital customers and it will be time well spent.

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