Shoulders Of Giants Interview w/ Jeb Blount On Success In Life And Business

Watch This Interview w/ Jeb Blount On Success In Life And Business On Shoulders Of Giants

In This Interview w/ Jeb Blount On Success In Life and Business You Will Learn:

  • Jeb Blount's Approach To Life and Business
  • Why Sacrifices Are Needed To Succeed
  • Keeping Your Day Job Is A Good Thing
  • Burn The Bridges Is A Mindset For Success
  • How Long It Took Jeb Blount To Get His Company Off The Ground

Jeb Blount is the CEO of Sales Gravy and has been a high executive in corporate America and a successful CEO of his own company; but none if it came without sacrifice. Before he started his own company Jeb worked for corporate America and had a nice living. Jeb could of stayed comfortable in corporate America but he always considered himself entrepreneurial so when the opportunity presented itself, he took it. Leaving corporate America with a goal to build his own company, he hit the boots running. For years Jeb made calls, went to vendor events, attended seminars, and grew his company all by himself.

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Now he has employees and has taken his company to over 1 million in sales, but he still knows there is a long road ahead of him. Jeb didn't create a successful business without sacrifice and he knows there will be more sacrifices that will have to be made. But with Jeb's burn the bridges mentality, it will be hard to stop him. 

From the multiple top selling books Jeb has written, the training material he provides online, and the online presence Jeb has, you can tell he isn't going anywhere for a long time. Jeb would tell you himself that taking action and moving forward no matter what is how you will be successful. Even if that means keeping your day job while you're building your business, Jeb would tell you to do what is needed to keep moving forward.

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As Jeb has taken the burn the bridges attitude with building business business he would tell you to do the same. Without sacrifice and hard work you will never be successful so make sure you keep moving forward.

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