Shoulders Of Giants Interview w/ Brad Lea On Success In Life And Business

Watch This Interview w/ Brad Lea On Success In Life & Business On Shoulders Of Giants

In This Interview You Will Learn:

  • Brad Lea's Approach To Business & Life
  • Why Solving Problems Is Important For Business
  • The Difference Between A Wantrepreneur & Entrepreneur
  • The Difference Between Those That Make It & Those Who Don't
  • How Long It Took Brad Lea To Get His Company Off The Ground

Brad Lea is the CEO of Lightspeed VT and has always been a problem solver. Before he started his own company Brad worked for a dealership and was able to break all their sales records. During this experience Brad realized that other dealers were having the same sales problems as his dealership so he wanted to help solver their problems. Being an entrepreneur that takes action, Brad used this problem as a way to start his company Lightspeed VT.

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Knowing Brad could help solve dealerships problems he knew he needed a platform that could help scale his time. Brad knew he couldn't physically train the amount of dealerships he wanted without a digital platform so that is what he sought to build. Being a natural born salesperson Brad got on the phone and started to call developers to help him create his idea. Being it's very expensive to program your own platform, Brad could have gave up there, but he didn't. Luckily after just 1 phone call Brad was able to sell a programming company on building him the platform and taking his payment later, which was $180,000.

Now most people will see this $180,000 price tag and give up on their dreams right there, but not Brad. Brad took his opportunity and started to take action. After the program was built he was able to pay back his development team in a short period of time and even absorbed their company and became partners with them. Now this story didn't happen over night, Brad says it took him over 10 years of little pay so he could add more employees to his business and start to scale, so the important thing is he never quit on his dreams.

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Brad understood that it was going to take time and if he wanted to scale, that is a sacrifice he had to make. A wantrepreneur would of gave up long before this, and this is the difference between an entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur. An entrepreneur is ready to go on their journey, take action, and never quit, where a wantrepreneur has an idea they never take action on.

One way Brad has been able to stay on track with his goals and continue to pursue his dreams is by having massive goals. Brad dosen't believe that you have to write them out because he says, they should be so big that you will never obtain them. By keeping goals that Brad may never obtain, he says it gives him the motivation to keep moving towards his goal and to never stop. Brad believes by having goals that you can reach it will slow you down and allow you to rest on your laurels, which is something Brad would never tell you to do. Watch this interview w/ Brad Lea on success in Business & Life to learn more about how he takes on his daily life and business.

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