Internet Marketing.

It's A New, Digital Age.

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Internet marketing is one of the most important things for business today.

When You Really Look At It.

A large portion of transactions today happen online, and the number is growing each day.

The problem is many different products/services do not understand how to start their internet marketing adventure.

I mean, there really is a lot to marketing online.

From your website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and everything in between, your internet marketing is a huge task.

Good thing we have already taken the internet marketing adventure so you don't have to.

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But First, Why Is Internet Marketing So Crucial?

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Internet marketing is so crucial to your product/service because people are starting to only shop online.

And If You're Not Online

Than people are going to start having a harder time finding your product/service.

And that is a terrible thing to have going into the future.

Here are 5 must have's for your internet marketing:

  1. Website Design
  2. Social Media
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Web Presence
  5. Online ADs

1. Website Design

Website design is one of the most important things for your business in the new digital age.

The Backbone For Your Web Presence.

When you really think about it, your website design is what keeps people on your website, allows people to engage more, and can even more efficiently help convert leads.

It's been proven that websites that do not look credible, or are very hard to navigate convert much less than it's counterpart.

Also, just take a second and think about it for yourself.

Have you ever went against choosing a business/product because you saw how poorly their website looked? (Many People Have)

Now, even if you have never went against making a decision because of a product/service's website design, I'm sure it made you think twice.

And that's because people actually look at your bad website just as they would meeting you for the first time while having sloppy, and messy clothes on.

First Impressions Really Do Matter.

The best way for your business to make a great first impression in the digital age is to have a great looking website.

When you have a website that looks great, customers are more likely to contact you, buy from you, and do business with you.

Therefore ensure that you don't fall short on your website design or you're hurting yourself in the digital age.

2. Social Media

"Social Media Marketing... Oh how I love to figure out what to post everyday on Facebook." (Said Very Few People)

The truth is that your Facebook, and other social media marketing strategies are very important for your overall internet marketing value.

Social media is so important to you because it gives your product/service a social ecosystem online.

You're no longer just like all the other online websites that are pretty much online billboard advertisements.

But you're a part of the new digital age, where social media allows you to build new friends, and influence potential customers.

Also, social media allows you to have an extended relationship with existing, and future customers.

This extended relationship you build will give your product/service more repeat, and lifelong customers.

Which is a huge advantage for any product/service out there in the market today.

Social Media Is A Super Hero.

Social media is also one of the best things for your internet marketing because it influences your SEO.

When a business website is linked to larger social media accounts Google, and other search engines will look at your business as more credible.

Because you will now be in the "More Credible" club your website will start showing up in more organic search results instead of your competition.

This free boost of traffic, and credibility is a huge benefit for any product/service for so many different reasons and a major reason to start using social media.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO is one of the most underused techniques if you're looking at business/products today.

The problem is that SEO is probably the most effective, and important strategy to pay attention to. (It's Also The Hardest)

But, when a product/service has great SEO practices, then you will see a lot of free traffic from people searching for products/services that you provide.

The reason for this is because when you have great SEO practices you will start showing up for organic search results for your given niche.

For instance if you sell RVs (+ Have Great SEO), when people Google search "Buy a new RV" or "Used RVs for sale" your website will have a chance to make the first page of Google.

This organic search result is probably the best way to get people to your website, without physically talking to them, and it's completely free!

When you show up in these search results it is a huge advantage for your business because that is how people search for products/services today.

Also, people are much more likely to click on any organic search results rather than any of the ADS that show on top of the Google search.

Therefore when you show up for organic search results you are more likely to see traffic, even more than the people paying for ADs above your organic placement. (Which Is Amazing)

Organic Search Results, Strong Like Bull.

Another great thing about having a great SEO strategy is that once you get on top of the search results it's not easy to be taken off.

Google, and other search engines try to show the best possible content for what people are searching for, and when you finally become the best possible solution search engines will NOT just replace your spot.

Until another business/product in your niche puts the time, and dedication in order to provide better content then your website, you will reign supreme on the organic search results.

Therefore all of the hard work you put into SEO will be worth every minute you dedicate to increasing your search engine optimization.

4. Web Presence

Your all around web presence is one of the most important reasons for you to begin your internet marketing strategy.

The thing is that having a good web presence really takes a lot of effort.

Your web presence is ensuring all your information on Google my business is correct, social media marketing, Youtube video creation, building web pages for proper SEO, and so much more.

Be Seen On The Web.

Making sure that people can find you on the web is very important, because the web is very massive.

I mean, according to Netcraft, in January of 2018 there are over 1.8 Billion websites. (Yes Billion, With A B)

So with that many websites out there, it's extremely important for people to be able to find you.

But how will people even be able to find you with that many websites out there?

Web Presence Is The Answer.

The best way for you to be found on the web, is to be very active online.

Your business/product should be building new blog post, and content consistently in order to increase your SEO value.

Also, you should be providing informational, fun, and promotional videos on your Youtube channel.

On top of that, you should be posting on social media in order to build an online community that will stay loyal to your brand.

Doing all of the above will help grow your web presence drastically, but you can still do more to benefit your over web presence.

Therefore you can really see how big of a task having a great web presence really is.

But with having a big task comes big rewards, and when you have a great web presence you will understand why it was all worth it.

5. Online ADs

Online ADs are a great way to start your internet marketing, but where do you start?

Sometimes it's a great option to have google ADs pushing traffic to your business, when other times it's better to try Facebook ADs.

Another way that you can use online ADs to your advantage is by using remarketing ADs.

Remarketing ADs take a list of people that are have already interacted with you online, and it shows them ADs across different online websites.

These remarketing ADs can also automatically show the customers similar products to the ones they were looking at, and other different ADs based on what they interacted with on your website.

Remarketing ADs are great for brand recognition, and also do a wonder for getting new customers.

Another great thing about using online ADs is that you can get a lot of bang for your buck, and everything is very track able.

With online ADs being very easy to track it really allows your marketing dollar to be spent in a smart way.

Online ADs Are Crucial.

Customers each day are converting to online shopping more, and more.

It's because of this that online ADs are going to become even more needed in the future.

The last thing you want to be is that company/product that is getting into the online AD space to late.

As You Can See

Marketing for your dealership is important for a number of reasons.

Other than the above reasons, you can think of so many more benefits to marketing your business/product.

But, to get the right marketing team for your dealership it usually cost you a pretty penny.

And that is where IMR comes in!

Dealership Marketing Done For You.

Digital. Social. Daily.

IMR is an internet marketing solution for your dealership.

We will work with you in order to design a strategy to get the results you're looking for.

Our team is experts at using digital marketing in order to grow your reach, and bring you more leads.

Therefore, When You Work With Us We Will:

  • Build Your Website
  • Post On Your Facebook Daily
  • Build Your Youtube Account
  • Continuously Add Pages To Your Website For SEO Value
  • Run Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns
  • And More
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The problem for many dealerships out there is that they do not have the proper budget in order to hire an entire marketing department.

I mean for just a website designer, and Facebook manager you're looking at over $100,000 each year. (A Huge Investment)

But to be completely honest, you need a digital marketing team in today's age.

So how do you get the entire dealership marketing team, without spending a huge amount?

We Fill The Void.

IMR will replace the need for your dealership to have an expensive digital marketing team.

Because we already have a team of experts in place, you will not have to go through the headache of hire the right people.

Also, IMR has a no contract, no obligation policy.

Therefore, if you do not like our services, than you can cancel at ANY time.

So what do you have to lose? Contact IMR today, and let's start your dealership marketing strategy.