A Digital & Social Media Marketing Agency That Manages Your, Website, and Social Media So You Don't Have To

IMR will get your dealership more customers and leads by handling your website, digital marketing, and social media. This will allow you to focus on selling more and taking care of your customers.
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In today's dealerships, website optimization is an important aspect for achieving success. That is why our team will optimize your website to increase customer engagement and leads.

Your website will be organically picked up by search engines, mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and designed to convert more of your traffic into leads. This means your sales team will always have warm leads and customers to follow up with so they can close more deals and increase sales year after year.

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Relevant content creation and e-mailing your list are some of the best ways to increase organic search traffic, keep your customers engaged, and increase sales. Our team will run your blog and manage your email list to increase sales and stay in your customers faces.

Your blog and emails will contain consistent posts that are designed for your customers. These posts will engage your customers to increase loyalty, and allow your RV dealership to establish authority and increase sales.

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It's proven that when customers see your RV dealership on social media they trust you more. Our team will establish trust on the internet with a consistent Facebook marketing strategy that will keep your customers engaged and coming back.

Our social media experts know what it takes to create a growing & dominate Facebook page. This is why we will post daily for your dealership, interact with customers & create trust to build loyalty with your online brand.

Ready To Sell More?

Hire IMR as your digital & social media marketing agency and you will see the effects of digital marketing done right!

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We Care About Your Dealerships Sales

Most successful RV dealerships have a team of people working together for a common goal. Our goal is to be a part of your team because we want to bring your dealership into the digital age. Our digital & social media marketing agency will help you create leads, generate sales, and establish your dealership as an authority on the web and social media.

Optimizing the website, posting weekly blogs and running your Facebook page are some of the ways our digital and social media marketing agency will help you:

  • Ensure you website is mobile friendly and optimized to be found by search engines.
  • Consistently create new posts that are relevant to your dealership and customers. This will expand your customer reach and establish authority as a brand.
  • Post daily on Your Business Facebook to drive customer engagement and create trust with your customers.

With IMR as your digital & social media marketing agency we will help push relevant traffic back to your dealerships or business website. After implementing some lead conversion tricks we will turn more of your traffic into relevant leads for your sales team and they will have more customers to follow up with. This will result in more sales and happy customers. Contact us today to see if we're a good fit for your dealership or business because you could be leaving a lot of money on the table without us.

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How We Have Helped Avalon RV Center


I often get asked to give testimonials from business associates, but seldom take the time to do so. IMR's expertise in website design, social media and your complete understanding of how to increase website traffic is amazing.

I have used several well-known companies for media, promotions , pay per click ads, organic traffic and the numerous options available. They are quick to set you up. Then they sit back, collect their monthly fees and fail to keep an eye on the business. IMR blows them all away.

I love being able to tell IMR my goals and budget, then turn them loose to get my desired results. Thanks for all you do and keep up the fantastic work.

- Scott Miller, GM Avalon RV Center
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