Is Search Engine Optimization Worth It?

SEO: It's Way Worth It

Many people wonder if search engine optimization is worth all of the hassle, and the answer is FOR SURE. Think about it like this...

Search Engine Optimization is pretty much the only way to get high quality internet leads for FREE. These leads are so valuable because 8 out of 10 times a user is going to click on the organic search results instead of the "Paid Ads" on the top of search engines like Google.

These Free Clicks Will Give You:

  • High Quality Leads Looking For Your Exact Product/Service.
  • Residual Internet Traffic That Grows Into Customers Overtime.
  • The Ability To Create Customers From Places All Over The World.

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High Quality Leads Looking For Your Exact Product/Service.

Now before we can understand why SEO is a source of such high quality leads, take a moment to think about how you research any product/service/problem you have.

Because if you're anything like me you:

  1. Go to Google and do research about a problem that I have.
  2. Next I find the top solutions on the first page of Google, and see which product/services come up.
  3. Than I check out the website/social media pages for the products/services.
  4. If these products/services still seem legit after I visit their website/social media I then look up reviews.
  5. After reading around 10 good, and 10 bad reviews, if I'm still feeling good about the product/service I'll usually buy.

Most users follow a very similar digital path and it's because of this SEO is such a great source of high quality leads for your business.

SEO Could Be Your Worst Nightmare

If you're not showing up in all of these search results that means your business competition is getting all of the high value leads instead of you.

Another great reason that SEO is worth it is because if you target the proper keyword phrases you can really capture your audience in all stages of the buying cycle.

What this means is that with a good SEO strategy you will be making content that is reaching the users that are:

  • Just starting to research your product/service.
  • Not familiar with the problem that your product/service solves, but have found you online.
  • Familiar with your product/service and are ready to buy.
  • Already customers of yours in order to keep them as lifetime customers.

With your SEO strategy capturing users that are in every buying cycle it will boost your sales revenue/brand recognition because so many more people will be engaging with your business.

When more people engage with your business online, you're business is sure to make more money.

Residual Internet Traffic That Grows Into Customers Overtime.

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This may be the best overall benefit to answer why search engine optimization is worth it.

Search Engine Optimization is the only way for you to get free internet traffic that grows overtime, and can even quickly multiply depending on how good your strategy is.

When your website has amazing SEO it allows you to talk to have a large reach through your digital outlets. Things like your:

  • Blog Visits
  • Social Media
  • Youtube Video Search Engine Presence
  • Website Rank
  • Instagram Pictures
  • TikTok Videos
  • ETC

All work together in order to show users what your business/service is really about. As these users continually come back to your digital assets you are building a greater rapport with them.

This rapport you build with users will make them think of your business when they are ready to buy your product/service... Which is a major benefit to having great search engine optimization.

P.S. Always nurture this online relationship with your users and your digital reach will continuously grow, your brand recognition will increase, and eventually your internet traffic could be so great you will always have users that convert into sales.

The Ability To Create Customers From Places All Over The World.

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Before the days of the internet it was much harder for your business to reach customers, especially if they are not in your immediate area.

In order to create customers before you:

  • Would have to talk to them face to face and tell them about your product/service.
  • Have to rely on your happy customers in order to tell their friends/family about your business.
  • Could use Newspaper, TV, Radio, and other ADs to reach people around your area.
  • ETC

This form of marketing generally means that the people you reach are from your area, and it usually takes longer in order to talk to each person.

The Internet Changed The Game

In today's business this long, and usually tedious process has been flipped upside down.

For business today, instead of trying to talk to everyone you can, or relying on word of mouth, you could be using digital means.

Digital means like:

  • Posting great blogs.
  • Creating new web pages.
  • Producing engaging videos.
  • Taking product images for your online store.
  • ETC

Each time you make any of these digital assets you increase your chance of being found online.

As your clout grows overtime people from all over the world will know who you are, and your product/service could even go viral!

Now it's time for a celebration because you're done with this resource!

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